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The definition of techniques

Enrich with the Sunrays. (For Both Retreats) 30 Minutes


Earth has generated from the sun, the sun is the physical energy source to all the living and non-living creations on earth. While standing in front of the sun at sunrise, you can absorb all the required essential resources for a healthy body from the sunrays. There are a few living individuals, who are living and surviving only on sunrays and water for the last many years.


Stretching: (Only for Yoga Retreat) 30 Minutes


There will be specific stretching exercise given, for individuals participating in the yoga retreat programmer.


Shakti: An Active Meditation. (Only for Meditation Retreat) 60 Minutes


Active meditation scientifically is a technique/tool/tantra to connect physically to the mind through the body. While doing active meditation, it creates a temporary nothingness, a no mind and not any kind of spiritual energy. It is only a simple scientific tool to self-regulate watching from your awareness, which I have experimented with different equipment’s at different times with the help of some doctors to see how it works.


The first stage: By blowing discriminately air from the lungs and simultaneously moving the head, the mind and breath become active for the second stage.


The second stage: With hoping or spot running and the Hoo sound, and moving the hands up and down the body becomes active. Gradually with the increase of pace during the process, from physical exertion, the blood goes to a very high temperature and breathing becomes heavy, which is related to tiredness. The blood and breath are not used to being in this tired situation in a normal physical condition.


The third stage: With hands held high up standing straight, suddenly the blood and breath try to come back to its normal state. Here the mind automatically self-regulates and diverts itself to control and dominate the tiredness, which creates a space of nothingness, a no mind that gives an electrifying experience. The reaction of being in a sudden no mind is so fast that has never been experienced, in a normal state of mind. Individuals participating get carried away and understand that reaction as an energy flow. But it is just a simple scientific tool to connect physically to the mind, and only to self-regulate watching.


The Fourth stage: Vibration is the same physical exertion as the second stage in a different form, with a less intensity. I am purposely adding two different physical activities in an hour, where to observe and become dominantly aware towards watching is more prominent in the fifth stage.


The fifth stage: Lying on the floor the mind again diverts itself to self-regulate watching the tiredness to create a space of no mind. Here the electrifying experience of watching the mind is more dominant than the third stage. The electrifying experience of watching is more prominent, as the awareness to control and dominate the tiredness becomes more, conscious, stronger and sharper than the third stage. This experience of being in no mind will stay temporary for some time and one needs to be practical to understand the process of active meditation.


Two different Yoga sessions: (Only for Yoga Retreat) 60 Minutes each.


Yoga is also a technique/tool/tantra and an active meditation. The science is the same, where the body becomes a union with the mind in a different physical exercise style. Taking consideration of many friends’ keen liking towards yoga, I am introducing Yoga in the retreat and combining it with other techniques, for one to self-regulate and become dominantly aware to watch.


Nature Trail: (For Both Retreats) 30 Minutes


From a belief to the spiritual world one does not realize that they are only a small part of universal geographical nature and the same as all living and non-living specimens. This process is a gentle reminder to become one with every living and non-living on earth. 


Celebrating Shiva: (Only for Yoga Retreat) 60 Minutes


It is a dance to celebrate one’s existence, starting with a slow motion and gradually flowing with the music. This is also a technique in an active form to self-regulate watching.


Centered to be the Watcher: (Only for Meditation Retreat) 60 Minutes


This technique just happened to me, it happened while trying to find a tool to make one centered to watch and become a witness to one’s thoughts. Where one day in an imagination I started traveling, to watch everything within my body. In this traveling within my body, I came to the point where I could focus and reach the place between and above my eyes, that is the mind. I realized I was self-hypnotizing myself with this technique.


The Breathe of Freedom: (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


This is a simple passive breathing technique to self-regulate watching. There are two different techniques of breathing that I have experimented with myself to make one dominantly aware towards watching oneself.


Experiencing Silence:  (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


It is a simple beautiful process, where with eyes open one automatically can get centered, to dominantly be aware to watch the mind. I have combined a passive and active technique to self-regulate the mind to watch with an open eye.


Cleansing The Crown: (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


From an active mind, one has given a lot of strain and heaviness to the mind with nonstop thoughts and unwanted mindful habits in their busy lifestyle. With this strain, one has chocked the cells of the mind. This process is to clear the strain and heaviness of the cells that will allow the needed blood and more oxygen to the mind cells for the mind to feel lighter, to let watching easier.


For centuries it has been a fantasy of spiritual followers from a belief to sit below a Peepal tree (Bodhi tree) to attain enlightened. The fantasy is that there is some spiritual energy that the peepal tree has. The scientific reason is that the Peepal tree 24hrs exhales oxygen. So the one who is near the tree inhales more oxygen to help the mind of that individual to be more relaxed. It is very simple when a mind is more relaxed; its ability to understand and become dominantly aware towards watching is precisely focused. Inhale a deep breath and see the difference. The process of cleansing the crown is only to make you more mentally relaxed.


Being Honest: (For both retreat) each participant 30 minutes and a personalized session.


This is a very beautiful technique and I am giving a lot of importance to it. Everybody is aware, and that is the only reason how one feels and understands emotions. The reason why these emotions become miseries is that one is not able to let go, as they don’t understand that they are the creators of their miseries. With this process using an interactive technique, I will make the participants to being a witness to conclude that they are the creator of their own misery from their ego. With the combination of the other technique “Centered to be the watcher” one will help oneself to destroy their ego. Where they will become an honest witness to themselves and that’s a major step to freedom.


A Walk to Surrender: (Only for Meditation Retreat) 60 Minutes


This process I have experimented with myself many times and is a beautiful experience towards surrendering, where one can take a major leap to surrender to one’s own self. The experience that everything is just happening will happen and nothing is happening for a reason, will be experienced. So one can let everything happen and stop participating in anything, a major step to freedom.


You’re Question to my Experiences: (For Both Retreats) 90 Minutes


Here we keep it to simple basics and experiences that one relates in their daily life. Participants will raise a question from their experiences, of their misery and I will give them a positive practical outlook to that same experience for that participant to see it differently. The difference makes it easy for them to understand their created miseries positively as they come from their own life experiences. We can also talk about various subjects and different masters, their positive message to this world in a way I understand them with my freedom and realization. I could only understand them correctly with my realization, as we have all become one. We are not discussing it is just a sharing, where I can take participants on a different level, to understand their own experiences, in words that can only flow through me, as it is my truth and experiences and not an intellect. This is the most important part of the retreat.


Surrendering to Darkness: (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


One of the biggest fears is darkness as one is not able to see into the darkness. This process will help participants to accept the outside and the inside darkness.


Gazing the stars: (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, it is a rhyme learned as a child. This process is a reminder, where one can become a part of this universe.


A light to Centre: (For Both Retreats) 60 Minutes


This process helps one to Centre their mind to watch and witness.

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