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Beyond Ravana, is a non-monetary effort from Nirmal to guide you from your nature of fear to be in bliss permanently through an Intense Meditation/Yoga Retreat? Nirmal is enjoying his freedom/silence for the last few years and lives in Pune and Goa, India. Fear is every human’s genetic nature and that is the source of its misery, through this meditation retreat Nirmal is sharing experiences of his freedom, for all to be beyond their fear. Nirmal from a realization of being beyond fear is sharing a philosophy through a write-up. That can be read or heard in the section “Nirmal’s Philosophy”, where you can understand the reality of all your miseries. He has developed and experimented techniques to be dominantly aware to self-regulate, watching the mind through physical techniques as an experience to be free from constant thoughts of emotions, illusions, and imaginations.

Meditation Retreat


Dear Friends, the Intense Meditation retreat Nirmal has initiated for him personally is a non-monetary effort. The Contribution for the retreat is only towards the room and food that Mandrem Village resort is charging. The resort management, for the retreat, has specially subsidized the cost from their normal tariff. The contribution includes stay for 6 days including all specific Organic Diet meals and the 5-day retreat program.

Yoga Retreat


Dear Friends, Nirmal is not a yoga Master but identifying many friends liking for yoga, he has combined yoga as an active meditation to the Goa yoga retreat. He has taken help of professional yoga master for yoga, and has added a few of his techniques that can develop dominant awareness to watch, witness, realize and surrender to go beyond fear.

Schedule & Cost

Forthcoming Retreat

Hello Friends, Nirmal is comfortable to come to a place of your choice to conduct the Intense Meditation and Yoga retreat. He would be grateful to get your help and cooperation in conducting this retreat to share his message of freedom beyond fear.  To conduct the meditation retreat, a group of 10 to 14 participants is required; at the groups convenience Nirmal can come to the place of their choice with no personalized monetary gain for him.
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