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Spirituality is understood and traditionally been given importance to a subjective experience to a sacred dimension THE SOUL. Spirituality is a quest, in humans towards a chase from a belief, as a path/way to reach the supernatural power, which is an imaginary unknown and named as God. Spirituality is a concept theory and has come from a human fear, where on the path of spirituality an imaginary illusionary spiritual world has been created. In the spiritual world to prove, the living status of a human and other living forms and from the greed of humans to live permanently even after death in infinity, the soul has come into existence. The soul has been defined in an invisible spirit form, residing in every living body as an alien visitor; moving to different bodies for its final destination to be with God in his abode the heaven. To make the path easy for the soul to reach God, humans of the past introduced different types of rituals and offerings, which are still being followed till date. The funny part is, in spirituality humans are demanding various requirements from their religious god or an enlightened master and have also made their God and enlightened masters demanding to demand from humans Love, Respect, and Offerings to them.  This believed concept theory of spirituality to God and soul started thousands of years back, and in time subsequently different following religions have been giving their own versions of spirituality, taking the same spiritual concept into consideration in bits and pieces. The concept and ideology of spirituality are the same in every religion, where they have been giving humans the superior advantage against all the other living forms. This is how spirituality has deceived humans into believing that they are the supreme power, and humans enjoy this superior feeling to keep their ego happy. But this ego has driven humans to all their miseries, where it has multiplied their genetic fear in a chase to superiority. This ego has only developed more fantasies towards the unknown where the spiritual world is helping the ego, to instigate it. Friends, I am sure even to know that you are the same as every living form and nothing special, your ego will stop you to accept this reality that you are only a small part, and the same as all the living forms present in this universe. Spirituality is a myth, a dream an alleged immaterial and impractical fantasy, and a self-developed ego from illusions and imaginations of being different and superior to other living forms in this universe. This is the biggest tragedy in the human form; we all are the same from the very same geographical universe as every other living form, and that is the only reality. Connecting to the spirits of God and soul, which is unknown is like living in a fool’s paradise. Friends, there are a lot of confusions to everybody’s being in a living form and most of you have and are creating a lot of speculation and imagination towards it. Why don’t you leave aside this confusion and speculations, of God and soul to be realistic and practical to lead your present moment in peace beyond spirituality of illusions, which is only driving you to invariable mysteries of the unknown, which no one and not even an enlightened master can prove with an authentication?

Spirituality God & Religion - Nirmal

The theory of the external, God, Existence and Supernatural being is only from the fear of the unknown. God is only fear and an invisible invention to a belief in a spirit/energy form, from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe, and the same fear is still being glorified subsequently, till date by humans. The initial essence of God came millions of years back, created by the Homo sapiens tribe, our ancestors. The God they predictably assumed and imagined was from and residing somewhere in the sky, from their visibly seeing the sun and its light, the moon and its darkness, and the twinkling stars. These were the initial intellectuals who created an illusionary God, from a feared confused thought. The confusion of these intellectuals was about their presence, death, life after death, the surroundings, and to everything existing in this geographical universe. Further on with the evolution of Homo sapiens to humans and its subsequent generation developed God as magical in a spirit/energy form. The magical God was invented taking into consideration everything, humans saw around them was a magic of God, and defined him as a supernatural being. From this definition, they started giving different reasoning’s to God’s existence and to reach this supernatural God named the path “spirituality”. With further evolution, intellectual spiritual followers of different enlightened masters, giving an improvised concept of spirituality started giving a feared version of their enlightened masters as superhuman Gods and made religions. It is the same pattern the followers of present-time enlightened masters are following. Where in the near future this world is going to have new invented Gods and religions. Also taking into consideration God as supernatural and magical, most friends take the liberty to relate, God as the existence or the above one as an excuse. This excuse is considered as a reason to be taken care by God, for him or her to dump all their doings decided for them by God as their destiny, to consciously and deliberately forget that only they exist. Do understand any doing, bad or good is a feared conditioning. So friends don’t use this excuse, as only you are God and existing to be responsible for all your good or bad doings and not anybody else. In Sanskrit God is expressed as Bhagwan, where the word Bhagwan is two different words joined together as Bhag or Bhagya which means destiny, and Wan means way. This is the reason why enlightened masters where named Bhagwan as they, from their realization, developed their own destiny and a way/path to their freedom. The made destiny of the enlightened master is his own religion his truth, his Dharma for himself and not for anybody else’s. So, my friends, all and everybody can be and is a Bhagwan or God if you can make your own destiny and way/path, just being fearlessly intelligent.


Religion or dharma means, ones own made destiny his own truth and a way/path for himself, which cannot be forced, practiced and followed by anybody else. But the way past-enlightened masters experiences were and are followed by spiritual followers and reformers as a religion was and is, only to prove and stamp their enlightened master’s superhuman presence. Where followers made and are making religion as a way/path towards a specific fundamental faith to make a gathering and customize their fear, from a set of beliefs and practices. Which is agreed upon by a group to worship and follow their enlightened master as a superhuman controlling power, especially as a personal God or Gods. In reality, religion is a development from the ego of these followers in only trying to prove in fear their superiority, of knowing spirituality and having a spiritual knowledge. Where they are pushing themselves and the future generation into more fear towards the same enlightened master as a spiritual faith, which has developed these followers’, feared religious conditioning to live with. They have created a path of spiritual fear, where they had and are even forcing their children to exist in their own religious conditional fear, these children of the past and present have been repeating the same pattern. Friend’s enlightened masters have never made and forced religion. Few enlightened masters did make and shared their realization of freedom and combined it with a few techniques, as a specific path and way of living life. Followers portrayed and followed these master’s path/ways as their religion with a feared conception and their pedigrees are still pursuing the same way even today. I understand these masters did make mistakes, after seeing their path being followed as a religion. They made a mistake to understand that; their path can never be anybody else’s. Do understand every individual, either an enlightened master or a follower from different situation relates and identifies to correlate with an understanding, from his life experiences. The enlightened master enjoys his silence but when it has to be expressed in words or ways, he or she is going to relate, understand and identify your miseries from his life experiences. Experiences to understand varies differently in individuals at different situations, so the whole narration to relate experiences can change from individual to individual, time to time, and lifestyle to lifestyle. These few enlightened masters made mistakes, as they were not superhuman beings but were the same as you and me. Where they understood their own feared mind but did not read the psychology of the other feared human mind very well and did not anticipate, with the progress and evolution of academic science lot of things that were known then, will change. Taking it into consideration what if enlightened masters did was right. Then it needs to be understood that, their experiences and ways was subject to the requirement, of the feared human mind for that time and place of the past. With the progress of academic science the human evolution in time, living style, situations, place, wants, requirement and existential reality have changed, so the outlook and following that experiences, path, and ways are not relevant for today. It does not mean that these masters were wrong, they can never be wrong. Followers understanding them from a feared perspective as a projected superhuman God and being unknowingly but still knowingly unaware, to their own practical intelligence has made enlightened masters wrong. To make it worse every religion follower and reformers from an addiction to their religion and its techniques have created a war and a race mentally and physically, and fight to prove that their religion and God and his technique or ways are the best and they understand their religion the right way. They have not understood them at all. This is the same pattern being followed by followers of the present-time enlightened masters, where very soon future generations will have new feared religions. All these followers and reformers of the past and present have only created religion as a self-destruction to this beautiful planet, and have taken the liberty to destroy their beautiful enlightened master’s guidance of freedom and their experiences. We can understand religion and different enlightened masters and talk at length in Your Questions to my Experiences.


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