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The evolution in the human form is based and has evolved from fear; fear is genetically shared onto every newborn from its parents, which is a subsequent ongoing process in every pedigree. Fear is preconceived and preloaded in every human mind, which becomes their basic nature and the reason for them to be in fear always. Academic science has proved that a newborn, feels fear in his or her mother’s womb from her emotional fears. But on birth, it becomes the newborns very own first emotional experience. This happens when in a natural birth; the newborn comes out from a mother’s womb into the openness of its unknown, from a safe and closed abode of his or her mother’s womb. Where the reaction to the openness of the unknown becomes his or her first emotional experience of fear and it cries. Nowadays in an unnatural birth, doctors through a cesarean operation, from the cesarean cut and to make the newborn breath on its own hit the newborn, where unknowingly from the reaction of the cut and hit, and also with the fear of the openness, doctors have developed a greater emotional fear, a trauma for the newborn, and it cries. This is the same process to the basic nature of fear in all the creature forms, present in this geographical universe of ours.


How has the human evolution occurred in fear? Humans have the highest percentage of fear than any other living specimens on earth. For your reasoning on your greater fear than other living forms, you yourself are a proof, compare yourself with them and you will understand how more fearful you are then them. How has this happened? The evolution of a human form has come millions of year’s back, from crossbreeding between different living creature specimens existing on this planet earth. The humans came into their own form finally from the Apes. This transformation from the apes came, as the percentage of fear in a few apes was more than the rest. These few apes in their evolution subsequently and gradually formed a genetic change over in their pedigree for its protection to survive from other living forms, to take a formal form of a Homo sapiens and then to the human. The present-day academic science has given ample amount of proof for this evolution, from apes to human. In this evolution in the human form, humans from fear gradually developed an intelligent skill to understand things. The skill of understanding started developing, from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe with the miraculous invention of fire, this was the first invention of the human form. Subsequently and gradually the human evolution in an aggression from fear to develop a safer and secured environment, the human mind developed a genetic changeover to understand everything. But rather than taking advantage of understanding things the right way to live a peaceful silent life, human evolution instead has misused the understanding skill to multiply their fear, to live and die in fear.


Do you know why you are always in fear? With your genetic nature of fear and the first feared emotional experience from birth, you have multiplied your fear by creating and collecting more emotional fear from religion, spirituality, parents, teachers, academic science and from everybody and with everything you do, see, feel and hear while growing. These fearful emotional experiences have become your conditioning, to be in fear always until your death. Have you ever watched yourself to understand that everything you do is only from fear? For your own benefit take an example from your own life, you will see that every reaction, creation or development you do or make is only from fear. Be honest with yourself and take an example, spirituality, work, wealth, religion, God, relationship, knowledge, scientific inventions, everything and anything you do is in a retaliation, from your fear. Also be intelligent to notice how do you and the whole human system and its environment operate. You create fear for each other in different ways, where everyone enforces and implants fear on the other, trying to cover up his or her own fear. Take the example of, spiritually; creating emotions or living a materialistic life they all are theatrics, where every individual is trying to cover up his or her fear. Even the chase to freedom from your emotional sufferings or to reach God, and a reason to know your existence is in fear. Fear is your genetic nature; you cannot run away from it, but you can accept it and by acceptance, you can let it go, for that present moment. Fear is the sole and only reason for all your misery.


A couple of examples that humans have created from fear, that even knowing they are not noticing. Humans have created their words in every language from fear; it is in fear of communication they encourage a newborn child from his or her birth to communicate with them in the language they understand and start talking to the newborn, where his or her fear of non-communication develops an ego to finally push him or her to speak the language that wants to be heard. Even the natural instinct of a human is not to walk on two legs that is the reason why a toddler walks on his or her four legs. Many will say it is because of formation of the bones, this formation happens as the mind has enforced a genetic change, where the mind from its ego of the child visually seeing somebody makes him walk. In human evolution millions of years back, the first change from four to two legs came during the initial Homo Sapiens from a feared instinct for survival that made them walk easily and then run, to protect them from other living forms. This provided a DNA genetic change over to subsequent generations. I would request some scientist as an experiment, to keep a newborn child away from words and a visual contact with somebody walking for a few years. This child even after a few years till his visual or audio contact from others will not walk on his two legs or talk a word of any language. It may sound cruel, but science has always been very cruel to the human existence. There are many examples that we can talk, and also about other fearful human creation in your questions to my experiences.


The academic scientific materialistic world of fear: Humans from the fear of death have developed an aggression to live longer. For that gradually in a subsequent period, humans have developed spirituality and an academic materialistic science. The characteristic and psychology of aggression are quite simple, when the mind develops an emotional fear it starts overworking. This overworking develops aggression, where the mind generates more fear effectively to protect itself and it becomes more dangerous, where it becomes unconscious to develop cruelty. Watch and be a witness to your mind when in an emotional fear and you will understand this reaction of cruelty. Humans have given aggression a name as “Science” to the overworking of the mind, what is attributed to as the progress of humanity. But unconsciously humans have multiplied their fear with the progress of science, where they have developed all their feared surroundings into a materialistic world. Be a witness to watch your surroundings and even yourself to understand how humans have developed a feared materialistic world. Also with the progress of academic science, it has made humans different and more dangerous than any living form on this planet, where with a scientific aggressive approach they have made life difficult for themselves and other living forms to co-exist in freedom. But in disguise, the academic science with its progress has also helped humans to understand with proof the human evolution, and a lot of things about the geographical universe. Also in future, humans if they survive, with the help of a scientific aggressive approach with proof, will get to know about the origin of the living source in this universe. Where it will help all and everybody to understand, to get free from all the spiritual illusions.

Friends, both the materialistic scientific world and spiritual world, have created a lot of expectations within you and have made you unreasonable. But now this materialistic and spiritual world is a part of your system and you cannot get away from this and other fearful minds, so why not become practical to them and make them a need, not a want and be free from both these worlds and its developed feared surroundings. All enlightened masters repeatedly have been making you aware to become watchful and go beyond your developed emotional fear and both these worlds only to bring you to the nature of blissfulness. Please understand past-enlightened masters did not have the advantage of the present day academic science, so their understanding of the evolution of the human form was limited. In ancient Indian books there are a few illustrations of the human evolution but in a different way.

Fear Emotion & Mind - Nirmal

How do emotions work? Emotions are from a complex state of feelings that result in physical and psychological changes that influence thoughts and behavior. Emotions are physically strongly felt in the mind, deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. You have different emotions at different times but the awareness to understand, how it is coming is not there. They are developed from your genetic fear. Let me define how it comes from fear. I have taken technical help from a few learned scientific individuals for me to express the basic nine, there are much more expressed emotions then this nine but they all are correlated.


Emotional anger is sometimes an unwanted or irrational emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. You can describe this emotion as a primary emotion, which comes from a natural fear of survival and protection from a wrongdoing. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat. Anger occurs to you when your personal boundaries are being or are going to be violated. You get angry as a protection mechanism, unconsciously to cover up fear, hurt or sadness.



This emotion is high or an inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or displayed in bearing, conduct, etc. This emotion comes from your fear in your ego of becoming to a dignified sense of what is due to oneself.



This emotion is easily felt and often expressed, you can understand with an example, say a child getting jealous when a mom cuddles another baby. This emotion comes from a fear of losing something.



Happiness is when your life fulfills your wants. In other words, happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Happiness is a feeling of contentment that life is just as you want it to be. But it comes by embracing sadness as a positive emotion that generates feelings of alertness, contentment, joy, and amusement developed from negative emotions of guilt, anger, contempt, and shame. So even happiness is in fear, where you deliberately avoid your sadness by wearing a mask of happiness.



A lot of other emotions, like anger, blame, guilt, fear, relief and even euphoria they often come in quick succession, which comes together with sadness. This emotion comes from a fear of losing something. Sadness can be expressed with different examples from your own life experiences. For example, when you lose any kind of relationship you feel sadness from your fear of losing.



Emotional fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; this feeling or condition of being afraid is something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension; something a person is afraid of. Fear is your only original nature, from your genes that come preloaded when you are born.



This emotion is concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself, seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure or well being without regard for others. Selfishness is a sign of your weakness, a selfish person fears to give some of his time, money or effort to others because he is afraid of the consequences that might happen on making such a sacrifice. Even selfishness is, from a fear of losing to what you have.



This is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Fear is a powerful emotion; it will make you do things that you would never typically be willing to do. The mind, in particular, is the culprit, where fear is often a huge motivator for being passionate.



This emotion is an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction for power, honor, fame or wealth and the willingness to strive for its attainment. It is your desire to achieve something or to succeed, accompanied by motivation, determination and an internal drive. Ambition describes those that achieve success based on their inner desire to do so and their belief in them. Ambition is often confused with aspiration, it is generated from hope and hope is an illusion a negative emotion always coming from a fear to trust and believe the unknown.

Mind / Brain:

The Mind/Brain is so powerful that it has the potential to develop a genetic changeover, to the DNA. The brain is the hardware and the mind can be interpreted as the software, where fear is the virus. Academic science has still not been successful to find the functioning of the mind in totality. So from a spiritual belief has defined the brain and mind separately, where the brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body and the mind is interpreted and understood as a part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief, and imagination. Academically the brain is the physical organ mostly associated with mind and consciousness, where the intelligence of the mind permeates every cell of the body. But watching my mind and being realistic has made me understand that the brain and mind are the same. The mind has the power over all bodily systems, where the body acts as the sensor for the mind to react. The mind is also the manifestations of thought, perception, emotion, determination, memory, and imagination that take place. The mind is the awareness and has the ability to control and understand, to know why and what is to be done. Humans have the ability to understand and creatures or animals are able to interpret their environments, but not understand them. The human ability to understand has developed gradually, from a genetic change over in its evolution. But this understanding has been wrongly used, which can be taken as an advantage to realize and be beyond fear to become a real human being, rather than a vicious feared human being. 

How does the mind function? I am not going into the details scientifically, about the different operations of the mind; but only sharing the reason how I understand the mind of a human male and female form, function in fear. The mind functions in two different ways, one way it functions as a thinking mind and the other way it functions as an emotional mind. Thoughts are created from a feared thinking mind and with these thoughts the emotional mind functions. The thinking mind from its genetic fear makes the mind overwork; this overworking develops aggression, and the emotional mind with the help of the thinking mind develops all feelings. Seeing the male and female emotional behavior I understand genetically the male has a greater fear than the female, which can be noticed the way how easily female surrender to everything and the male more aggressive. Understanding the difference I can conclude that males react and express, from a feared thinking mind and females react and express, from a feared emotional mind. Both the functions of mind work together but the usage percentage varies in male and female differently as per a feared situation. The way the mind functions differently, the male has always physically and mentally dominated the female in most situations. The thinking mind, mentally to be aggressive has given power and strength to the male, and the emotional mind, mentally to surrender has given female sensitivity. This mental behavior can be noticed with the difference in their body structures and their expressions also, where the male form is rigid and strong and the female form is timid and sensitive. The difference is also noticeable from the emotional expressions, where the male is not expressive with some emotions and the female expressive with all their emotions. This happens as the male showing or expressing some emotions proves him being emotionally weak, which they regulate from their feared thinking mind. With evolution gradually humans have developed a skill of understanding and from this skill, they created ways to communicate with each other. Where from the fear of communication have efficiently developed far more senses like talk, read, write, etc., but have also decreased the quality of a few senses of eyesight, smell, and hearing, etc., with evolution to a subsequently changed lifestyle. Also nowadays with a changed society and lifestyle, the female form in their feared participation to make a living, are putting more efforts to make their thinking mind work, which has developed more miseries for them, as this is not genetically their mental behavior. The mind is only a joker that is playing a joke. The mind is the misery and only the mind can give itself freedom, for it to be NO MIND.

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