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Every religion and enlightened masters have spiritual followers. Spiritual following is only from a feared religious conditioning to faith as a purpose to reach god. Spiritual followers follow, and that following is only to the intelligence of a religious God or an individual where the follower follows in his or her fear, to the imagined unknown. Religious following is either from birth or conversions, where followers have been specifically conveyed and taught by religious reformers, to believe and trust that the purpose they are being converted or born in their religion is, by the grace of that religious God as fate and has to be followed to reach him, which has developed faith in that religious God, as a feared religious conditioning. This religious conditioning to faith has only multiplied the fear, from the existing genetic fear in every religious follower and has become their feared conditioning to live in fear, towards God and spirituality. Nowadays followers of present-time enlightened masters who have migrated from some religion, for a specific required purpose and to find a new theory to reach God are still consciously carrying the same religious conditioning. These friends following the master from a feared religious conditioning again develop a faith, towards him to believe and trust him. Where they are not ready to question themselves, beyond their fear the master’s guidance in the right realistic and practical way. Unfortunately, both these set of friends are only living in fear, from their religious conditioning to faith. I have not come in contact with different kinds of religious or enlightened master’s followers of the past, but seeing the present ones I can be sure they must be the same. It cannot be different as the human feared mind is the same but times and places have changed.


Followers from time to time have been taking sannyas in different forms; some become priests, monks, Qazi, pundits, sannyasins and many varieties of different names. Sannyas is taken from a feared religious conditioning to faith, which has been understood and perceived as a learning to find a way to reach God. Sannyas has always been taken for a purpose, to a greedy aspiration of reaching God or to get free from a created emotional stress, or from a failure of achievements in a day-to-day routine life. Religious sannyas is taken for one of these required purposes and sannyas of an enlightened master is also taken for one of the same purposes as a religious sannyas, but in a hope to find a new theory to achieve the same purposes. An adult always takes sannyas for one of its required purposes, and children’s taking sannyas is only a forced sannyas from their parents or religious reformer. Followers have always chased Sannyas as a goal to achieve their required purpose, from an expectation of learning from sannyas to make religious Gods and enlightened masters experience, their experiences. Basically, all these specific purposes are self-created that a follower is not ready to accept and have created a new chase to reach their purpose. The attitude of not accepting to being the creator of their purposes, and a chase to achieve a purposed goal and expecting to learn enlightened masters or religious Gods experience as their experience has given sannyasins a failure. Failure has given sannyasins an agony, which they try to hide and in this trying put an effort to be different by wearing a not visualized mask of happiness covering their agony, as they consciously don’t know where to go to escape from their new chase. Trying to be happy has pushed them to use different acts to be seen differently, where they create a drama to prove to be more religiously spiritual, authentic, chosen ones, and pure than others. This act of being different to others has given them credibility, to only elevate the ego of all these sannyasins. This ego has again only developed a greater chase to be different, where they understand and feel their misery but cannot escape and accept it in their ego, as they have taken Sannyas with their own choice. Friends it needs to be understood, enlightened masters themselves have given sannyas in their presence; it was and is for a reason and the reason was specific to get his followers fearlessly closer to his guidance, without their religious feared conditioning to faith. They gave sannyas where his followers could make a community to a gathering for him to be in touch with them personally. Sannyas is absolutely incorrect without the enlightened masters very own in body presence, as he is not there personally to give a right realistic reason to his followers fear. Here I am very specific about the masters in body presence, as most friends have an imagination that even if the master has left his body, his presence is there in a spirit or energy form. The imagination is again from faith, developed only to get them their wanted uplift magically and freely from his energy to achieve their goal to reach God and a specific required purpose. But my friends that master has gone and vanished, his presence is only there in what he has shared through his own words via a discourse or a poetry, song, etc. Do understand, any following is only from a fear of the unknown of every kind and Sannyas of any type, is only a remembrance to become watch full towards all the chases, of wants, desires, expectations and even the chase to God. Sannyas is a precondition, to develop a realization to go beyond fear and any conditioning, to accept everything as it is, for the ultimate surrender.

Sanyaas and Followers:

Sanyas & Followers - Nirmal
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