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Beautiful Saints/Masters/Gurus like SHIVA, KRISHNA, RAMA, JESUS, BUDDHA, NANAK, MAHAVIR, MOHAMED PAIGAMBER, OSHO, J KRISHNAMURTHY, and much more; I would name them enlightened intelligent masters. Few masters have spoken about spirituality as a way towards an external source, but that reason is best known to them, where only they can know it as why. I understand it as a distorted message by the followers of that enlightened master to appease others, for developing an opening to their master. Enlightened masters have shared and guided their experience of their life via a discourse and in other different ways, like poetry, stories, songs, etc. that they were comfortable to express their freedom. Enlightened masters or gurus were and are the same normal humans like you and me. Past and even present intellectual spiritual followers have made them superhuman Gods the special ones, as they spoke a different language a language of freedom and silence beyond these followers imaginations and reach. Masters understood their own genetic nature of fear, and from their freedom beyond fear they expressed a language of silence and blissfulness. This language was something different and new, which made these masters special and created followers. These followers heard and understood enlightened masters in their own fear; where their fear limited followers to understand the master’s experience in bits and pieces. Followers heard them to only polish their own conditional feared nature, to a feared requirement, where the whole perspective of these masters’ experiences changed. Masters did understand the limitation of these past and present intellectual followers of being unwatchful. So masters gave active and passive techniques in different forms as a tool for their followers to physically connect to the mind through the body for these followers to develop watching to become a witness to their mind. But these followers have made these techniques, understanding it as a spiritual Dhyan or meditation an addiction towards their religion and enlightened master, where they made and are making these masters their superhuman God. Friends it is a humble request if you really care and respect your enlightened master, please from your fear don’t make these beautiful masters a mystical magical God; for your unreasonable and wanted demands.


Expression of Master or Guru comes from the word teacher; it comes as enlightened masters expressed their experiences, as guidance through a discourse in words. This expression the past friends and even most of you have taken it as a teaching and have made their experiences your way. The biggest tragedy is you have taken enlightened masters as a teacher from a religious and academic conditioning, where it has been portrayed that a teacher is a person who is giving you his knowledge. But you need to understand a teacher is only an intellectual who collects knowledge from his predecessor and the same knowledge is passed on to you as a teaching, it is not his experiences. This academic conditioning unconsciously makes you to only collect all enlightened masters’ experiences as a knowledge that makes you too believe and trust him and not question yourself realistically his experiences. But masters have only shared their experiences as guidance and not as a teaching to help you to find your own way, from your experiences of your life. This is the reason why every enlightened master has time and again made it specific that his or her experiences are not yours.


How can I find and know an enlightened master? Many friends always have a specific question how can I find and know an enlightened master? You can never know and feel if some individual is enlightened, only he himself knows. It is only your own intelligence, which can help you to find a difference between an enlightened and an intellectual master. To broaden and guide your intelligence I am sharing a simple and basic way to find and know an enlightened master. If you come across someone who is sharing some enlightened master’s experiences or teaching spirituality in any way, don’t waste your time and just leave. He is an intellectual; where he has only collected knowledge in his fear from an enlightened master, and teaching you. The intellectual is only expressing his own fear and teaching you more fear, as he has only understood his enlightened master in fear. Where he himself has not understood his enlightened master’s sharing of freedom beyond fear, as this intellectual has only trusted or believed his master's guidance in a spiritual fear. He has created a chase for himself and creating your chase, to his master’s experiences. Where to prove his knowledge he initiates you to the world of belief and trust. Please understand knowledge is only a collection, from fear. It is collected consciously to prove his or her intelligence to a want of recognition; you need to be intelligent to see that difference. But friends if you find somebody guiding his experiences of his freedom stay and give him time, hear him, and watch him. Your intelligence will help you to understand if he sharing beyond fear or contradicting his own guidance, by living in fear from his unawareness and his ways in his day-to-day life. Generally, individuals imagine or act enlightenment but that is their truth even they are intellectuals, it is not that all these different individuals are intelligent. Many have suppressed their intelligence in fear of and from spirituality to question, themselves realistically these individuals. That is the stupidity of many and their stupidity is the other individual's intelligence. The fear of spirituality and god has been a tragedy for humans, where many have allowed thousands of these intellectuals and individuals to create more fear and also allowed them to destroy, the experiences of a few handful enlightened masters.


Enlighten Masters and Gurus:

I am not a spiritual reformer and am sharing my own freedom beyond fear; if one understands then it is good, and if not it is very good. Religious reformers, followers circulating experiences of present time enlightened masters, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters, reincarnated Gods, all these individuals are known and understood as spiritual reformers. Spiritual reformers and Kings/Queens, in reality, are the same both are only politicians. Taking advantage of human fear, politically Kings/Queens used sword or guns in a strong and direct way, and spiritual reformers politically in a subdued way use illusionary and imaginary spiritual theories. Where spiritual knowledge is circulated as reforming to others that, is defined, influenced, shown, and propagated as love. Both kings/queens and reformers have the same purpose, by taking advantage of human fear to rule and control everybody. The thought to rule in any way is a strong human tendency and euphoria from a want of recognition and is an ego from the fear of inferiority. The worst agony for this world has come from spiritual reformers, where from a quest to rule they are circulating a feared spiritual intellectual knowledge. Spiritual reformers are only intellectuals, who have given a dignified name to the words rule and control, as reforming. Where they as achievement acquire, collect, borrow and rob a religious God or enlightened masters experiences as intellectual spiritual knowledge. An intellectual is an individual who has collected knowledge and only expresses and recites without his own experience. Knowledge is acquired as a demand for the want of recognition towards the fear of non-achievement. Do understand a reformer acquires knowledge in his fear and circulates his own fear through reforming, where they have taken advantage of your inability to understand an enlightened master in your fear, to force their feared version of their religious God and enlightened master. From, their advantage this world has seen a different and feared version of enlightened masters, as these reformers have manipulated every religious God and present time-enlightened masters experiences.


I am rebelling against these spiritual reformers and my rebellion against them is to make a few realize their unawareness, as a few of them might be using a medium of reforming for their own growth and expressing. Spiritual reformers with a tendency to rule are adamant from faith, to share religious Gods or an enlightened master’s experiences. These reformers, from a presumption and assumption of their intellectual knowledge, are reciting to teach and reform others. They do reform but how would they justify being a reformer, and confirm if their religion or enlightened master has shared is the right way to go beyond fear. Where they themselves have not done any justice to their own growth to enjoy their own freedom beyond fear, by understanding their religious or an enlightened master in the right way. These reformers from their fear of not able to give any realistic confirmation to their reforming, have introduced the words of faith, belief, and trust to save themselves from their own reforming contradiction. I am very specific about what I am expressing for spiritual reformers, it is from my experiences interacting with different religious and spiritual reformers. My interaction made me understand that reformers are only expressing and reciting knowledge in absolute unawareness and utmost fear, where they are only forcing their knowledge on many. Be intelligent to notice their contradiction from the way they lead and live their own life in absolute fear, where they themselves are contradicting their own reforming. By doing this they have destroyed human freedom of being beyond fear. At least once these reformers need to be honest and talk to themselves about what they are doing. They are only fooling themselves and everybody in their ego of being a reformer and consciously spreading their own fear. And have created a path of self-destruction from spirituality and religion for themselves and even other humans to be in fear permanently. Taking advantage of this human fear for centuries and more effectively nowadays spiritual reformers, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters and incarnated Gods have made spirituality a big profitable business. In this business, they are selling spirituality, religious beliefs and enlightened masters techniques as a commodity. Also, many therapists who have given themselves a name as spiritual reformers, are selling their own techniques or therapies in the name of enlightened masters and doing a lucrative business. I can prove and give you various examples of these spiritual reformers contradicting their own reforming. If what I am expressing does hurt all these spiritual reformers, then they really need to notice their ego and start being watchful to what they are doing. 

Why do we have spiritual and religious reformers? Reformers also have and feel the agony of their fear. They become reformers to hide their fear and from a tendency to rule giving a political name to rule as love, they resort and as an excuse express they are doing their religious or enlightened master’s work. But they are mistaken, past or present enlightened masters have not done any work they have just shared in different ways their beautiful life experiences of silence as guidance and gone. Enlightened masters guidance has been mistaken as work, I am very specific about the word “work”. The word work only means achieving something for a goal, enlightened masters are beyond their emotions of ambition or passion for them to chase a goal. Doing the masters work has been the same pattern for centuries and a failure for the human world, that every spiritual reformer, sannyasi and follower is chasing to spread his or her enlightened master’s experiences. Religious reformers are doing it from a feared taught spirituality and followers/spiritual reformers of the present time enlightened masters from an assumed temporary relief, where they feel they can also relieve others. Experiences can only be shared from your realization and understanding, where it becomes your truth and dharma, and can only be expressed your own way. You can only share your truth otherwise it becomes a lie, as you don’t know if a religious or enlightened master has shared his true experiences of silence and bliss. Any enlightened masters silence cannot be assumed and felt, as assumption and feelings only come from a feared thought. It is so funny in my interaction, I got to hear from followers and reformers of different religions and enlightened masters reciting, my religion or enlightened master has said this and that, trying to teach. I am still wondering when these friends will be intelligent enough to come out of the dependency of their religion or enlightened master to express their own experiences. These friends have only accumulated intellectual knowledge and I would like to remind once again knowledge is only a collection from fear. It is collected consciously to prove his or her intelligence for a want of recognition, to be heard by others and even themselves.

Religious and Spiritual Reformers:
Enlightened & Spiritual Reformers - Nirmal
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