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The heart is metaphorically referred to as the thinking part of the mind that has been conveyed as, the mental epicenter for all thought emotional feelings, and specifically for the feeling of love. Where from a spiritual belief love has been perceived as purity. Love has been perceived as pure because it has been understood, as an emotional medium to connect with other souls present in this universe. Spiritual reformers for centuries taking love as pure and a source to connect internally with god and other souls have given a spiritual definition to heart. To give proof they gave an imaginary symbol of heart chakra situated at the center of the chest near the heart. And to give a definition to their proof, they introduced imaginary theories and named them as, heart energy, heart center, heart energy chakra etc. and have given a feared spiritual expression of beliefs to these theories. Do understand love is only an emotional misery from the fear of loneliness, towards an expected demand to get and correlates with the emotion of sadness. Love is a very high intense feeling and is felt in the heart because; “Heart” is only a pumping station controlled by the mind/brain for blood circulation. With different feelings of emotions, the blood starts to move faster or slower depending on the nature of each feeling. Every feeling has a different intensity, which is influenced by the mind and the mind requires a proportionate amount of blood for functioning, to regulate the intensity. With the movement of blood, the heart starts to pump faster or slower depending on the intensity, and that is why heaviness or lowness is felt in the heart. And most friends unknowingly and without awareness, but consciously, unreasonably relate love as purity and from the heart. Love is only a felt reaction to loneliness from the mind, nothing spiritual or any spiritual theory. Few masters have indicated about “Heart chakra not heart energy chakra” as an indication of a created circle of emotional wants, even love, where it needs to be understood that feelings of emotions come as a required instinct, towards an action from a theatrics made up nature, and not a required want to be chased to live a life. The heart chakra is nothing spiritual, only an indication to be watchful towards your emotional want, for you to let go every emotion for your freedom. I have practically defined all the seven chakras separately in the chakra section.


Humans often commonly express love as a word inevitably. This expression that is expressed is an emotion strongly felt as a feeling, and emotions always come from a thought with a feared condition. Commonly I love you the sentence that is expressed by two lovers is either physical or on a conceived idea (like I love his or her, style, voice, wealth, ways, intelligence etc.), but this love keeps on wondering, as the physical attraction and ideas keep changing as per the desired requirement and the psychological mood of that mind. Basically, the love for the other person is indeed only a want from an expectation to be loved. In reality, the fear of loneliness creates the feeling of love where it becomes a mode of an ego, towards a conscious effort to suppress the loneliness fear. Also love that is expressed and said by many as, I love my friends or everybody or unconditional or even say I love myself, they all become conditional the moment it is said. Consciously they have created a condition from a thought towards a want of love, and have given a self-approval to themselves of being so loving. It is an excuse, in their desire to be loved, heard and respected in some form from others and themselves as well. Here the thought of love comes from a want to be recognized, again from the fear of loneliness. Friends even the feel of love towards a religious Gods or an enlightened master is only from fear. This love has also been referred as respect or unconditional love, where from the fear of the unknown, and to know the unknown the emotion of love has been generated. Here the emotion of love, respect, or unconditional love is conditionally generated towards a demand to learn from a religious God or an enlightened master’s sharing of experiences; where their sharing has been understood as the master’s love. But in reality the fear of the unknown, and to know the unknown has made many friends a slave, to a religious God or an enlightened master’s sharing. With this slavery, many friends have created a huge wall and multiplied their fear in the name of respect and love. Where they hear or read these masters and want to make these masters sharing of experiences their own path to freedom but they are not. This want has also made many friends hop and wander to different masters.


Friends you don’t need to say anything and should stop saying I love you or I love or even I love myself, at least you need to be honest to say I demand love. The emotion of love is only a demand towards a want to receive in any way, which is always borrowed, begged, and snatched, but here the twist is the other person is also demanding love. That is the reason why all types of relationship fail, so friends, nothing can be given, you don’t have anything of your own, as everything, love, money, knowledge, etc. has been borrowed, begged, snatched or demanded from somewhere. The only thing that is yours is your experiences, which can only be shared and not given. Enlightened masters have shared their experiences and blissfulness without any conditions, which comes from a realization to surrender, where they have gone beyond their fear into nothingness. The alternate word of nothingness is bliss or Anand as it is named in India. In nothingness, there is no collection of any sort from watching and that is an experience without any condition, which can be shared. This write-up is my sharing to you of my experiences in bliss as guidance.


Unknowingly humans have developed the first active meditation from intercourse or sex, as it is understood. Where with this very high and intense physical process during intercourse a temporary silence is derived during and after intercourse. Yes, there is a sensation of ticklishness, which individuals enjoy and understand as pleasure or satisfaction. But the geographical universal nature has given this sensation to every living creature form, for stimulation towards a discharge of sperms. The process of intercourse and discharge is physical, which creates a temporary nothingness and for this so-called satisfaction and temporary nothingness, most humans have created so many miseries within them in fantasizing and trying to achieve sex. They are stuck miserably with sex and have made it a want, a lust, and have created an unwanted chase where every second thought is moving around in this fantasy. In reality, sex as a lust is only towards an achievement for the other individual’s body. The lust for sex is the most powerful circle of misery a chakra, and the moment human individual understand this as only a productive need, the lust calms down to their basic natural heating cycle needs, this brings the leap to freedom very close. What has been referred, as sex is only a reproduction process where humans become involved with each other physically to transfer sperms, to give birth to a new living form? This process the geographical universal nature has given to all the living creature forms on this earth, in different ways after every hormone cycle, to have a fertile period that is called “Heat” or an estrus cycle, for the female part to conceive the sperm from the male form. Humans also have the same, but with constant physical vaginal discharge, the human female form has lost this estrus cycle. From this loss, the human female can conceive a fertile sperm any time during an intercourse, except in a menstrual period (a filtration process). In a menstrual period, the female form gets ready for pregnancy, where it discharges blood, cells, and mucus from the uterus and is not ready to conceive the sperm. This process is the same in all living creature forms. Even the male form has a heat cycle, and have a menstrual cycle. They don’t discharge physically but like a female have an emotional turmoil, where the body gives an indication and is felt via the mind that is the male heat. Heat in a male form is only a collection of harmonic fluid that has been collected with time and needs to be discharged for a healthy body. Male humans have lost this process of heat; it has been lost, as they have been discharging their harmonic fluids at regular intervals. These are experiments that I have done with myself and from these experiments; I could understand the male heat cycle. Humans have also given the process of intercourse a name as love, where making sex is like showering love to the other. It does create a lot of intimacy between two individuals, where in some way their loneliness is being taken care of, due to a physical touch and closeness. This reaction is only in fear towards an initiation of being taken care of; where this defined love becomes a want towards the fear of loneliness. Intercourse or sex is not at all a feeling of any kind, and as a reaction in the human form has developed more fear. This fear has only come due to its regular non-availability, by regulations from an orthodox feared conditional society, which has developed the want and created a constant chase for sex. Seeing the constant chase for intercourse as sex, intellectual masters/reformers have smartly taken an advantage, and have given a spiritual love angle to intercourse, as a sex energy or tantra energy. Tantra in Sanskrit means a loom or weave it denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that co-developed most likely about the middle of 1st millennium CE. The term tantra in the Indian traditions also means theory, technique or practice. For century’s intercourse as a sex act has been a daily regular practice by humans and the most chased want. So in ancient India, tantrics from a Hindu cult using intercourse as a medium introduced tantra as an active meditation technique and to make it more desirable and pleasurable added different postures, fragrance, and sensuality. Tantrics introduced tantra as a technique, where humans could develop an art of watching that is Dhyan or Meditation. Tantra is also a union via intercourse to become watchful physically through the body, to the mind. But intellectual spiritual reformers have given this process a feared spiritual love consideration as tantra massage, tantra energy, and many versions. It is not at all related or anywhere close to even the so-called illusionary spirituality. Don’t make intercourse as sex a chase where you torture yourself into so much misery.

Heart Love & Sex - Nirmal
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