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The meaning of Chakra in English is a circle. The way I understand and express is quite simple, as per the Hindu Philosophy there are seven chakras identified at different places of the body. The first six chakras have been expressed as basic needs to live a life in peace, but these six needs, humans have been chasing as a lust or want. The initial expression to chakra came from Krishna in Gita, where he expressed the Abhimanyu chakra as a circle of life miseries. The philosophy expressed is that, the moment a realization comes these six are only a need, not a want the chase stops to achieve anything, and that is freedom or satori the seventh chakra the crown. There is nothing spiritual or any kind of thoughtful imaginary energy source connected to these chakras. Let me give you a specific description of these seven chakras.


1st The Base or Genitals: It symbolizes reproduction, a need to bring a new human to life, but a want has been developed mentally as sex, a lust that is chased.


2nd The Sacral or Navel: It symbolizes connectivity to the life source, the mother at birth a need, but a want has been mentally created to be alive permanently till infinity, a lust that is chased.


3rd The Solar or Stomach: It symbolizes food, food transforms into physical energy for a body to survive to live, and a need. But food is consumed as hunger and been mentally chased, a lust.


4th The Heart: It symbolizes emotions, all feelings of love and other emotions develop from the mind a human process to a need, but a want has been developed mentally chasing this feeling of love and other emotions, a lust.


5th The Throat: It symbolizes breathe, breath is a need to a living body and when breath stops it is death a process unavoidable, but a fear of death has developed a want and chased mentally not to die, a lust.

6th The Brow or Third eye: It symbolizes mind, the mind functions as a need for everything in the body to be alive. But the mind is unreasonably used to develop all emotions, and to achieve knowledge and store memories. A want and lust have been created mentally to achieve, store, and chase knowledge that is not needed. This change is the basic difference in human evolution, where from the process of understanding they have created unlimited miseries for themselves; via knowledge than other creature forms.


7th The Crown: It symbolizes freedom. The moment a realization arrives that, the six chakras are only a need to live a peaceful life. The chase of wants in all the circles of miseries disappears and that’s freedom, satori or enlightenment. In the feared spiritual world it has been defined and believed as, the place from where the soul departs, after enlightenment to connect with God.

The word faith is a strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. Faith is only fear, which has been vigorously pushed by religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers to safeguard the foundation of the illusionary/imaginary world of spirituality. They created the word faith, for it to be believed and trusted and not rebelled and questioned realistically for a proof to God and spirituality. Faith is a part of the illusionary spiritual exotic world; in India, it is named Maya Nagari. This world is only a mystical unknown world that has taken many into a dream world of mysteries, without being practical and tangible to limit them to a reality to what they can do, reach, see, touch and hold. The unknown can never be there; it is only an undefined developed hypocrisy from the fear of our ancestors, religious priests, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters and spiritual reformers to prove their contradictory intellectual knowledge. The illusionary spiritual world has given many theories and with these theories, various types of reformers of the past and even present taking advantage of human fear are making everybody chase spirituality. This world has given different feared theories like past and future life, hell, heaven, energy, karmas, energy chakras, destiny, faith etc. that has made everybody unconscious to live in the present moment. Friends, I don’t know what and how did enlightened masters understand these theories, but to give clarity from my realization, I am expressing in the way I understand practically and realistically these theories.

Faith and The Illusionary / Imaginary World of Spirituality:

Hell is nothing external it is only the miseries from all the emotions that many are suffering in a day-to-day life, which becomes their hell and the same way heaven is nothing external it is freedom from these very same miseries, where this phase of life becomes beautiful that is heaven. Both are only in the present life and not after death.

Hell & Heaven:

Past life is nothing but only the past experiences of the present on-going life, stored as memories and next life is only the life that is going to come in this very present on-going life. The same as hell and heaven they are both in the present on-going life. Be in the moment the second that has gone, is the past and the next second that is coming is still a long way ahead, the next life. Be in the present moment now or never.

Past and Next Life:

Past life experiences are only illusions, where a lot of times friends do get carried away from a few therapists. Therapists through a hypnotic therapy as a projected vision give reasoning to past life. But these visions are only imaginations that have been seen, dreamed or fantasized, from many conscious stories that the mind has stored as memories in the present on-going life. Also, academic science has proved that genetically memories of the mother do, transfer from the mother into the child. In hypnosis, the mind has consciously allowed itself to be in a deep sleep, where it dives into its memories to reflect and feel these projected visions as a realistic thought. But basically it is only a dream, remember that a mind cannot be hypnotized against its will; it works only if the mind agrees to let it happen.

Hypnotic Past Life Experiences:

Karmas can be defined as, to be present in the moment. It means to be watchful of the present moment towards oneself, to stop participating in anything good or bad in the present moment. But religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers have given a feared version to karmas. They have projected karma as an instrument to negotiate for a better future or next life, and blame a done karma of the past as the reason to all the good or bad happenings in the present. I can only laugh; most friends are so confused and are not aware of the present on-going moment and from a feared thought, worry about the future and past.


The academic science has given a proven reasoning of the geographical universe and earth as an energy mass form and a byproduct from the sun. But specifically, the reason has been given as a term to a sourced physical element, from the sun and only known to humans a few hundred years back. Spiritual energy is the most outspoken and related word in spirituality, and all spiritual illusions and imaginations are connected to energy. Religious/spiritual reformers, intellectual proclaimed enlightened masters and reincarnated Gods relate energy as a source to connect humans to God and soul. The connection has come, as God and soul have been given a spirit form, where different reformers have connected spiritual energy to different spiritual derivatives like chakras, tantra, etc. is quite astonishing. It is very easy for reformers to relate energy to everything, as they don’t have to prove anything realistically, where no proof has to be given, only to be believed and trusted. Many religious/spiritual masters have and are taking advantage of this word spiritual energy as their felt experience, but again a belief for many that have to be trusted. In reality, it is a misery for them, as it becomes a chase to receive it again and again where a thought has to be created to achieve and visualize it. Spiritual energy is only an illusion, to an unrealistic invisible, invented, abstract thought and a deliberate attempt by the mind to see and feel it. A no mind or nothingness will never create or develop any thoughts, it will let go every thought even the illusionary and imaginary thought of energy.


Spiritual Energy:

Spiritualism has confused many, where it has developed illusions and imagination towards an unrealistic world of spiritual thoughts, where a huge wall of unconsciousness has been created that one is not ready to rebel and break. Many are ready to believe the world of illusions and imaginations, towards a faith to trust the unknown from beliefs, and to feel an assumed, invented spiritual energy thought. These are all imaginations and non-existent that have pushed most into multiplying the existing genetic fear, which has made their reach impossible to be beyond fear. In this process of faith, most do not realize their feared confusion from spirituality to become practical and be realistic. This feared confusion does not allow them to exist in the present moment to live in absolute peace and silence. You need to rebel against the conditioning of your very own fear, from spirituality and its spiritual illusions the unknown to take a jump for your freedom. You need to be so thirsty and ready to take any risk, even the risk to lose yourself.

Faith & World of Spirituality - Nirmal
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