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Humans often commonly express love as a word inevitably. This expression that is expressed is an emotion strongly felt as a feeling, and emotions always come from a thought with a feared condition. Commonly I love you the sentence that is expressed by two lovers is either physical or on a conceived idea (like I love his or her, style, voice, wealth, ways, intelligence etc.), but this love keeps on wondering, as the physical attraction and ideas keep changing as per the desired requirement and the psychological mood of that mind. Basically, the love for the other person is indeed only a want from an expectation to be loved. In reality, the fear of loneliness creates the feeling of love where it becomes a mode of an ego, towards a conscious effort to suppress the loneliness fear. Also love that is expressed and said by many as, I love my friends or everybody or unconditional or even say I love myself, they all become conditional the moment it is said. Consciously they have created a condition from a thought towards a want of love, and have given a self-approval to themselves of being so loving. It is an excuse, in their desire to be loved, heard and respected in some form from others and themselves as well. Here the thought of love comes from a want to be recognized, again from the fear of loneliness. Friends even the feel of love towards a religious Gods or an enlightened master is only from fear. This love has also been referred as respect or unconditional love, where from the fear of the unknown, and to know the unknown the emotion of love has been generated. Here the emotion of love, respect, or unconditional love is conditionally generated towards a demand to learn from a religious God or an enlightened master’s sharing of experiences; where their sharing has been understood as the master’s love. But in reality the fear of the unknown, and to know the unknown has made many friends a slave, to a religious God or an enlightened master’s sharing. With this slavery, many friends have created a huge wall and multiplied their fear in the name of respect and love. Where they hear or read these masters and want to make these masters sharing of experiences their own path to freedom but they are not. This want has also made many friends hop and wander to different masters.


Friends you don’t need to say anything and should stop saying I love you or I love or even I love myself, at least you need to be honest to say I demand love. The emotion of love is only a demand towards a want to receive in any way, which is always borrowed, begged, and snatched, but here the twist is the other person is also demanding love. That is the reason why all types of relationship fail, so friends, nothing can be given, you don’t have anything of your own, as everything, love, money, knowledge, etc. has been borrowed, begged, snatched or demanded from somewhere. The only thing that is yours is your experiences, which can only be shared and not given. Enlightened masters have shared their experiences and blissfulness without any conditions, which comes from a realization to surrender, where they have gone beyond their fear into nothingness. The alternate word of nothingness is bliss or Anand as it is named in India. In nothingness, there is no collection of any sort from watching and that is an experience without any condition, which can be shared. This write-up is my sharing to you of my experiences in bliss as guidance.


Ravana in Hindu mythology is a projection of evil. It comes from the epic Ramayana where the Positive is Rama the God, resembling a truthful fearless life and the Negative is Ravana the evil. Ravana’s resembling is always portrayed as a ten-headed King, where his nine heads relate to all the emotions of ANGER, PRIDE, JEALOUSY, HAPPINESS, SADNESS, FEAR, SELFISHNESS, PASSION, and AMBITION. The projection of these nine emotions is showcased as miseries, the devil generating from the core of a theatric thoughtful mind. The tenth head is projected as freedom from these emotions that is SURRENDER. There is a long story but we don't need to go into that. Here I am naming Ravana, as a name for all the emotional fear; fear that never allows one to enjoy freedom. For that first, one needs to let its mind to understand and accept “I am Ravana” (means the creator of my emotions in fear). This very acceptance of fear gives the thirst to take a leap to go beyond. There is a small story, which I need to relate why I chose Ravana. At the Osho resort, where I have worked and used to visit frequently earlier, an Indian friend a few years back asked me if Nirmal is my Sannyas name (When Osho was in body he used to give Sannyas and Sannyas names to his disciples, and till date this process is being followed by his followers, but I have never taken Sannyas. I have always been a rebel). When this Indian friend asked me, I said no and told him it is my legal name that my mother has given me, and I admire her for the joy she took in giving me this name and respect her for all the pain and struggle that she has taken to bring and raise me in this beautiful world. I did have a thought on my friends question that night, and the next day I just told this friend that from now my name is Ravana, he got scared hearing this, as in Hindu philosophy it is not auspicious and a bad omen, to give yourself a name of evil as most of them don’t even know what Ramayana really relates to. He asked me why Ravana, and I just said nowadays I am noticing my miseries, from my emotions and by you calling me Ravana it will remind me to be aware to notice. Most of, even I can say all friends still don’t understand why I did give myself a name Ravana, were one day a learned friend from the Osho resort even suggested, if I change my name all my sufferings will go, it is laughable. It is so funny everybody has given themselves an identity like name, nationality, religion, etc. as a subjective, where they want to identify their purity from these subjects to others. But now I am shunya it means zero. You can call me any name, from any country or religion, for me now name and everything else is just an identity for others. I have already given up my identification.

Why Beyond Ravana ?

My journey and search to know my inner self and my existence started in the year 2009. I come from a very affluent Jain family and the positive side of my childhood was that I was never forced into religion. Now I see this as the most important aspect of my freedom. During my so-called material and achievement growth, I tried my hands in many different businesses, where I was successful but every time I would keep on changing my business; as I was not enjoying my freedom to live and breathe. So finally at the end of 2008, I sold my restaurant business, and my search to know “Who Am I” started. I visited many masters, started reading and hearing many masters, but at that time I did not understand the difference between an intellectual and an enlightened master. In my journey, I came across two beautiful enlightened masters OSHO and J KRISHNAMURTHY and I am very thankful to them for sharing their guidance, from which I could develop my own realization to my freedom. I experienced my freedom to enjoy silence a few years back. It so happened during my search early one morning; I was sitting in a garden and suddenly heard a baby’s cry. I wondered where is it coming from, and saw a cat sitting on a tree making this cry, a cat’s cry is just like a child’s cry. I could see to understand that as he is held up on the tree, in his fear is making this outcry. I started watching and suddenly he saw me watching him, and that made him stop. I could sense that his ego has made him stop. This confrontation between us, of watching each other, went on for a few minutes. Ultimately he made an attempt to come down. With every step, he would look at me, and again take the next step. The moment he came down he glanced at me and gave me a broad smile of fulfillment to his victory. In this victory, I saw the creation of his fear and ego, and in that, I realized the creation of my own fear and ego, this provided the inner honesty to my mind, which gave it the ability to be centered to become watchful. In this realization, I felt a sudden calmness and total silence within me. It is not that this realization of mine was sudden. I was aware to notice my emotional miseries for some time, but knowing that I am the creator was not there. This experience with the cat gave me the sudden opportunity to become watchful to witness all my thoughts of emotions, which provided me that sparkle of illumination to my new realization beyond fear to surrender to everything that is happening around me. It was a new beginning to my life.​

My Journey

The evolution in the human form is based and has evolved from fear; fear is genetically shared onto every newborn from its parents, which is a subsequent ongoing process in every pedigree. Fear is preconceived and preloaded in every human mind, which becomes their basic nature and the reason for them to be in fear always. Academic science has proved that a newborn, feels fear in his or her mother’s womb from her emotional fears. But on birth, it becomes the newborns very own first emotional experience. This happens when in a natural birth; the newborn comes out from a mother’s womb into the openness of its unknown, from a safe and closed abode of his or her mother’s womb. Where the reaction to the openness of the unknown becomes his or her first emotional experience of fear and it cries. Nowadays in an unnatural birth, doctors through a cesarean operation, from the cesarean cut and to make the newborn breath on its own hit the newborn, where unknowingly from the reaction of the cut and hit, and also with the fear of the openness, doctors have developed a greater emotional fear, a trauma for the newborn, and it cries. This is the same process to the basic nature of fear in all the creature forms, present in this geographical universe of ours.


How has the human evolution occurred in fear? Humans have the highest percentage of fear than any other living specimens on earth. For your reasoning on your greater fear than other living forms, you yourself are a proof, compare yourself with them and you will understand how more fearful you are then them. How has this happened? The evolution of a human form has come millions of year’s back, from crossbreeding between different living creature specimens existing on this planet earth. The humans came into their own form finally from the Apes. This transformation from the apes came, as the percentage of fear in a few apes was more than the rest. These few apes in their evolution subsequently and gradually formed a genetic change over in their pedigree for its protection to survive from other living forms, to take a formal form of a Homo sapiens and then to the human. The present-day academic science has given ample amount of proof for this evolution, from apes to human. In this evolution in the human form, humans from fear gradually developed an intelligent skill to understand things. The skill of understanding started developing, from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe with the miraculous invention of fire, this was the first invention of the human form. Subsequently and gradually the human evolution in an aggression from fear to develop a safer and secured environment, the human mind developed a genetic changeover to understand everything. But rather than taking advantage of understanding things the right way to live a peaceful silent life, human evolution instead has misused the understanding skill to multiply their fear, to live and die in fear.


Do you know why you are always in fear? With your genetic nature of fear and the first feared emotional experience from birth, you have multiplied your fear by creating and collecting more emotional fear from religion, spirituality, parents, teachers, academic science and from everybody and with everything you do, see, feel and hear while growing. These fearful emotional experiences have become your conditioning, to be in fear always until your death. Have you ever watched yourself to understand that everything you do is only from fear? For your own benefit take an example from your own life, you will see that every reaction, creation or development you do or make is only from fear. Be honest with yourself and take an example, spirituality, work, wealth, religion, God, relationship, knowledge, scientific inventions, everything and anything you do is in a retaliation, from your fear. Also be intelligent to notice how do you and the whole human system and its environment operate. You create fear for each other in different ways, where everyone enforces and implants fear on the other, trying to cover up his or her own fear. Take the example of, spiritually; creating emotions or living a materialistic life they all are theatrics, where every individual is trying to cover up his or her fear. Even the chase to freedom from your emotional sufferings or to reach God, and a reason to know your existence is in fear. Fear is your genetic nature; you cannot run away from it, but you can accept it and by acceptance, you can let it go, for that present moment. Fear is the sole and only reason for all your misery.


A couple of examples that humans have created from fear, that even knowing they are not noticing. Humans have created their words in every language from fear; it is in fear of communication they encourage a newborn child from his or her birth to communicate with them in the language they understand and start talking to the newborn, where his or her fear of non-communication develops an ego to finally push him or her to speak the language that wants to be heard. Even the natural instinct of a human is not to walk on two legs that is the reason why a toddler walks on his or her four legs. Many will say it is because of formation of the bones, this formation happens as the mind has enforced a genetic change, where the mind from its ego of the child visually seeing somebody makes him walk. In human evolution millions of years back, the first change from four to two legs came during the initial Homo Sapiens from a feared instinct for survival that made them walk easily and then run, to protect them from other living forms. This provided a DNA genetic change over to subsequent generations. I would request some scientist as an experiment, to keep a newborn child away from words and a visual contact with somebody walking for a few years. This child even after a few years till his visual or audio contact from others will not walk on his two legs or talk a word of any language. It may sound cruel, but science has always been very cruel to the human existence. There are many examples that we can talk, and also about other fearful human creation in your questions to my experiences.


The academic scientific materialistic world of fear: Humans from the fear of death have developed an aggression to live longer. For that gradually in a subsequent period, humans have developed spirituality and an academic materialistic science. The characteristic and psychology of aggression are quite simple, when the mind develops an emotional fear it starts overworking. This overworking develops aggression, where the mind generates more fear effectively to protect itself and it becomes more dangerous, where it becomes unconscious to develop cruelty. Watch and be a witness to your mind when in an emotional fear and you will understand this reaction of cruelty. Humans have given aggression a name as “Science” to the overworking of the mind, what is attributed to as the progress of humanity. But unconsciously humans have multiplied their fear with the progress of science, where they have developed all their feared surroundings into a materialistic world. Be a witness to watch your surroundings and even yourself to understand how humans have developed a feared materialistic world. Also with the progress of academic science, it has made humans different and more dangerous than any living form on this planet, where with a scientific aggressive approach they have made life difficult for themselves and other living forms to co-exist in freedom. But in disguise, the academic science with its progress has also helped humans to understand with proof the human evolution, and a lot of things about the geographical universe. Also in future, humans if they survive, with the help of a scientific aggressive approach with proof, will get to know about the origin of the living source in this universe. Where it will help all and everybody to understand, to get free from all the spiritual illusions.

Friends, both the materialistic scientific world and spiritual world, have created a lot of expectations within you and have made you unreasonable. But now this materialistic and spiritual world is a part of your system and you cannot get away from this and other fearful minds, so why not become practical to them and make them a need, not a want and be free from both these worlds and its developed feared surroundings. All enlightened masters repeatedly have been making you aware to become watchful and go beyond your developed emotional fear and both these worlds only to bring you to the nature of blissfulness. Please understand past-enlightened masters did not have the advantage of the present day academic science, so their understanding of the evolution of the human form was limited. In ancient Indian books there are a few illustrations of the human evolution but in a different way.


The heart is metaphorically referred to as the thinking part of the mind that has been conveyed as, the mental epicenter for all thought emotional feelings, and specifically for the feeling of love. Where from a spiritual belief love has been perceived as purity. Love has been perceived as pure because it has been understood, as an emotional medium to connect with other souls present in this universe. Spiritual reformers for centuries taking love as pure and a source to connect internally with god and other souls have given a spiritual definition to heart. To give proof they gave an imaginary symbol of heart chakra situated at the center of the chest near the heart. And to give a definition to their proof, they introduced imaginary theories and named them as, heart energy, heart center, heart energy chakra etc. and have given a feared spiritual expression of beliefs to these theories. Do understand love is only an emotional misery from the fear of loneliness, towards an expected demand to get and correlates with the emotion of sadness. Love is a very high intense feeling and is felt in the heart because; “Heart” is only a pumping station controlled by the mind/brain for blood circulation. With different feelings of emotions, the blood starts to move faster or slower depending on the nature of each feeling. Every feeling has a different intensity, which is influenced by the mind and the mind requires a proportionate amount of blood for functioning, to regulate the intensity. With the movement of blood, the heart starts to pump faster or slower depending on the intensity, and that is why heaviness or lowness is felt in the heart. And most friends unknowingly and without awareness, but consciously, unreasonably relate love as purity and from the heart. Love is only a felt reaction to loneliness from the mind, nothing spiritual or any spiritual theory. Few masters have indicated about “Heart chakra not heart energy chakra” as an indication of a created circle of emotional wants, even love, where it needs to be understood that feelings of emotions come as a required instinct, towards an action from a theatrics made up nature, and not a required want to be chased to live a life. The heart chakra is nothing spiritual, only an indication to be watchful towards your emotional want, for you to let go every emotion for your freedom. I have practically defined all the seven chakras separately in the chakra section.


Religion or dharma means, ones own made destiny his own truth and a way/path for himself, which cannot be forced, practiced and followed by anybody else. But the way past-enlightened masters experiences were and are followed by spiritual followers and reformers as a religion was and is, only to prove and stamp their enlightened master’s superhuman presence. Where followers made and are making religion as a way/path towards a specific fundamental faith to make a gathering and customize their fear, from a set of beliefs and practices. Which is agreed upon by a group to worship and follow their enlightened master as a superhuman controlling power, especially as a personal God or Gods. In reality, religion is a development from the ego of these followers in only trying to prove in fear their superiority, of knowing spirituality and having a spiritual knowledge. Where they are pushing themselves and the future generation into more fear towards the same enlightened master as a spiritual faith, which has developed these followers’, feared religious conditioning to live with. They have created a path of spiritual fear, where they had and are even forcing their children to exist in their own religious conditional fear, these children of the past and present have been repeating the same pattern. Friend’s enlightened masters have never made and forced religion. Few enlightened masters did make and shared their realization of freedom and combined it with a few techniques, as a specific path and way of living life. Followers portrayed and followed these master’s path/ways as their religion with a feared conception and their pedigrees are still pursuing the same way even today. I understand these masters did make mistakes, after seeing their path being followed as a religion. They made a mistake to understand that; their path can never be anybody else’s. Do understand every individual, either an enlightened master or a follower from different situation relates and identifies to correlate with an understanding, from his life experiences. The enlightened master enjoys his silence but when it has to be expressed in words or ways, he or she is going to relate, understand and identify your miseries from his life experiences. Experiences to understand varies differently in individuals at different situations, so the whole narration to relate experiences can change from individual to individual, time to time, and lifestyle to lifestyle. These few enlightened masters made mistakes, as they were not superhuman beings but were the same as you and me. Where they understood their own feared mind but did not read the psychology of the other feared human mind very well and did not anticipate, with the progress and evolution of academic science lot of things that were known then, will change. Taking it into consideration what if enlightened masters did was right. Then it needs to be understood that, their experiences and ways was subject to the requirement, of the feared human mind for that time and place of the past. With the progress of academic science the human evolution in time, living style, situations, place, wants, requirement and existential reality have changed, so the outlook and following that experiences, path, and ways are not relevant for today. It does not mean that these masters were wrong, they can never be wrong. Followers understanding them from a feared perspective as a projected superhuman God and being unknowingly but still knowingly unaware, to their own practical intelligence has made enlightened masters wrong. To make it worse every religion follower and reformers from an addiction to their religion and its techniques have created a war and a race mentally and physically, and fight to prove that their religion and God and his technique or ways are the best and they understand their religion the right way. They have not understood them at all. This is the same pattern being followed by followers of the present-time enlightened masters, where very soon future generations will have new feared religions. All these followers and reformers of the past and present have only created religion as a self-destruction to this beautiful planet, and have taken the liberty to destroy their beautiful enlightened master’s guidance of freedom and their experiences. We can understand religion and different enlightened masters and talk at length in Your Questions to my Experiences.


Beautiful Saints/Masters/Gurus like SHIVA, KRISHNA, RAMA, JESUS, BUDDHA, NANAK, MAHAVIR, MOHAMED PAIGAMBER, OSHO, J KRISHNAMURTHY, and much more; I would name them enlightened intelligent masters. Few masters have spoken about spirituality as a way towards an external source, but that reason is best known to them, where only they can know it as why. I understand it as a distorted message by the followers of that enlightened master to appease others, for developing an opening to their master. Enlightened masters have shared and guided their experience of their life via a discourse and in other different ways, like poetry, stories, songs, etc. that they were comfortable to express their freedom. Enlightened masters or gurus were and are the same normal humans like you and me. Past and even present intellectual spiritual followers have made them superhuman Gods the special ones, as they spoke a different language a language of freedom and silence beyond these followers imaginations and reach. Masters understood their own genetic nature of fear, and from their freedom beyond fear they expressed a language of silence and blissfulness. This language was something different and new, which made these masters special and created followers. These followers heard and understood enlightened masters in their own fear; where their fear limited followers to understand the master’s experience in bits and pieces. Followers heard them to only polish their own conditional feared nature, to a feared requirement, where the whole perspective of these masters’ experiences changed. Masters did understand the limitation of these past and present intellectual followers of being unwatchful. So masters gave active and passive techniques in different forms as a tool for their followers to physically connect to the mind through the body for these followers to develop watching to become a witness to their mind. But these followers have made these techniques, understanding it as a spiritual Dhyan or meditation an addiction towards their religion and enlightened master, where they made and are making these masters their superhuman God. Friends it is a humble request if you really care and respect your enlightened master, please from your fear don’t make these beautiful masters a mystical magical God; for your unreasonable and wanted demands.


Expression of Master or Guru comes from the word teacher; it comes as enlightened masters expressed their experiences, as guidance through a discourse in words. This expression the past friends and even most of you have taken it as a teaching and have made their experiences your way. The biggest tragedy is you have taken enlightened masters as a teacher from a religious and academic conditioning, where it has been portrayed that a teacher is a person who is giving you his knowledge. But you need to understand a teacher is only an intellectual who collects knowledge from his predecessor and the same knowledge is passed on to you as a teaching, it is not his experiences. This academic conditioning unconsciously makes you to only collect all enlightened masters’ experiences as a knowledge that makes you too believe and trust him and not question yourself realistically his experiences. But masters have only shared their experiences as guidance and not as a teaching to help you to find your own way, from your experiences of your life. This is the reason why every enlightened master has time and again made it specific that his or her experiences are not yours.


How can I find and know an enlightened master? Many friends always have a specific question how can I find and know an enlightened master? You can never know and feel if some individual is enlightened, only he himself knows. It is only your own intelligence, which can help you to find a difference between an enlightened and an intellectual master. To broaden and guide your intelligence I am sharing a simple and basic way to find and know an enlightened master. If you come across someone who is sharing some enlightened master’s experiences or teaching spirituality in any way, don’t waste your time and just leave. He is an intellectual; where he has only collected knowledge in his fear from an enlightened master, and teaching you. The intellectual is only expressing his own fear and teaching you more fear, as he has only understood his enlightened master in fear. Where he himself has not understood his enlightened master’s sharing of freedom beyond fear, as this intellectual has only trusted or believed his master's guidance in a spiritual fear. He has created a chase for himself and creating your chase, to his master’s experiences. Where to prove his knowledge he initiates you to the world of belief and trust. Please understand knowledge is only a collection, from fear. It is collected consciously to prove his or her intelligence to a want of recognition; you need to be intelligent to see that difference. But friends if you find somebody guiding his experiences of his freedom stay and give him time, hear him, and watch him. Your intelligence will help you to understand if he sharing beyond fear or contradicting his own guidance, by living in fear from his unawareness and his ways in his day-to-day life. Generally, individuals imagine or act enlightenment but that is their truth even they are intellectuals, it is not that all these different individuals are intelligent. Many have suppressed their intelligence in fear of and from spirituality to question, themselves realistically these individuals. That is the stupidity of many and their stupidity is the other individual's intelligence. The fear of spirituality and god has been a tragedy for humans, where many have allowed thousands of these intellectuals and individuals to create more fear and also allowed them to destroy, the experiences of a few handful enlightened masters.


Enlighten Masters and Gurus:

Every religion and enlightened masters have spiritual followers. Spiritual following is only from a feared religious conditioning to faith as a purpose to reach god. Spiritual followers follow, and that following is only to the intelligence of a religious God or an individual where the follower follows in his or her fear, to the imagined unknown. Religious following is either from birth or conversions, where followers have been specifically conveyed and taught by religious reformers, to believe and trust that the purpose they are being converted or born in their religion is, by the grace of that religious God as fate and has to be followed to reach him, which has developed faith in that religious God, as a feared religious conditioning. This religious conditioning to faith has only multiplied the fear, from the existing genetic fear in every religious follower and has become their feared conditioning to live in fear, towards God and spirituality. Nowadays followers of present-time enlightened masters who have migrated from some religion, for a specific required purpose and to find a new theory to reach God are still consciously carrying the same religious conditioning. These friends following the master from a feared religious conditioning again develop a faith, towards him to believe and trust him. Where they are not ready to question themselves, beyond their fear the master’s guidance in the right realistic and practical way. Unfortunately, both these set of friends are only living in fear, from their religious conditioning to faith. I have not come in contact with different kinds of religious or enlightened master’s followers of the past, but seeing the present ones I can be sure they must be the same. It cannot be different as the human feared mind is the same but times and places have changed.


Followers from time to time have been taking sannyas in different forms; some become priests, monks, Qazi, pundits, sannyasins and many varieties of different names. Sannyas is taken from a feared religious conditioning to faith, which has been understood and perceived as a learning to find a way to reach God. Sannyas has always been taken for a purpose, to a greedy aspiration of reaching God or to get free from a created emotional stress, or from a failure of achievements in a day-to-day routine life. Religious sannyas is taken for one of these required purposes and sannyas of an enlightened master is also taken for one of the same purposes as a religious sannyas, but in a hope to find a new theory to achieve the same purposes. An adult always takes sannyas for one of its required purposes, and children’s taking sannyas is only a forced sannyas from their parents or religious reformer. Followers have always chased Sannyas as a goal to achieve their required purpose, from an expectation of learning from sannyas to make religious Gods and enlightened masters experience, their experiences. Basically, all these specific purposes are self-created that a follower is not ready to accept and have created a new chase to reach their purpose. The attitude of not accepting to being the creator of their purposes, and a chase to achieve a purposed goal and expecting to learn enlightened masters or religious Gods experience as their experience has given sannyasins a failure. Failure has given sannyasins an agony, which they try to hide and in this trying put an effort to be different by wearing a not visualized mask of happiness covering their agony, as they consciously don’t know where to go to escape from their new chase. Trying to be happy has pushed them to use different acts to be seen differently, where they create a drama to prove to be more religiously spiritual, authentic, chosen ones, and pure than others. This act of being different to others has given them credibility, to only elevate the ego of all these sannyasins. This ego has again only developed a greater chase to be different, where they understand and feel their misery but cannot escape and accept it in their ego, as they have taken Sannyas with their own choice. Friends it needs to be understood, enlightened masters themselves have given sannyas in their presence; it was and is for a reason and the reason was specific to get his followers fearlessly closer to his guidance, without their religious feared conditioning to faith. They gave sannyas where his followers could make a community to a gathering for him to be in touch with them personally. Sannyas is absolutely incorrect without the enlightened masters very own in body presence, as he is not there personally to give a right realistic reason to his followers fear. Here I am very specific about the masters in body presence, as most friends have an imagination that even if the master has left his body, his presence is there in a spirit or energy form. The imagination is again from faith, developed only to get them their wanted uplift magically and freely from his energy to achieve their goal to reach God and a specific required purpose. But my friends that master has gone and vanished, his presence is only there in what he has shared through his own words via a discourse or a poetry, song, etc. Do understand, any following is only from a fear of the unknown of every kind and Sannyas of any type, is only a remembrance to become watch full towards all the chases, of wants, desires, expectations and even the chase to God. Sannyas is a precondition, to develop a realization to go beyond fear and any conditioning, to accept everything as it is, for the ultimate surrender.

Sanyaas and Followers:

The word faith is a strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. Faith is only fear, which has been vigorously pushed by religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers to safeguard the foundation of the illusionary/imaginary world of spirituality. They created the word faith, for it to be believed and trusted and not rebelled and questioned realistically for a proof to God and spirituality. Faith is a part of the illusionary spiritual exotic world; in India, it is named Maya Nagari. This world is only a mystical unknown world that has taken many into a dream world of mysteries, without being practical and tangible to limit them to a reality to what they can do, reach, see, touch and hold. The unknown can never be there; it is only an undefined developed hypocrisy from the fear of our ancestors, religious priests, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters and spiritual reformers to prove their contradictory intellectual knowledge. The illusionary spiritual world has given many theories and with these theories, various types of reformers of the past and even present taking advantage of human fear are making everybody chase spirituality. This world has given different feared theories like past and future life, hell, heaven, energy, karmas, energy chakras, destiny, faith etc. that has made everybody unconscious to live in the present moment. Friends, I don’t know what and how did enlightened masters understand these theories, but to give clarity from my realization, I am expressing in the way I understand practically and realistically these theories.

Faith and The Illusionary / Imaginary World of Spirituality:

The one who fears death is the one who has stopped living, from the moment he is born. Death is the only reality; it is the only truth and one astrological prediction for the future that can be forecasted. Death is going to fall upon everybody, yet it is feared. I say “the day I was born I have myself signed my death certificate”. The biggest misery for everybody is, they are dying to live and the moment we live to die it is freedom from death. But we fear death and in that fear, we forget to live and to exist in the moment. I am also going to die but my death will be from my witnessing to experience death in at most fulfillment and joy. The dead are always an experience for the living, for them to know that every living is going to die one day. Why is death feared? Consciously we do not know what is beyond death, but a lot of super fictions and fantasies have been created to an illusionary world of heaven and next life. The super factious world and even the way or path to reach this world is only an illusion and physically not seen, touched or felt. The conscious reality of not seeing, touching or feeling the path or way to the illusionary world makes them more frightening, which develops a greater fear of death. There is nothing beyond death, not even soul and spirit; what remains, is only a dead tissue, decomposed body, a food for other living forms. The very acceptance of nothing beyond death makes the present moment simple and easy to live blissfully. That stops the chase to future and past a non-reality, for death to be an experience in his or her present moment.​


Anything that is done in awareness is a meditation if you become watchful to witness that doing, where that doing becomes irrelevant. The word Meditation comes from the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy where it is named Dhyan. The third imaginary eye what was defined in these philosophies is only about the awareness of the mind/soul to be centered, to watch. The soul in accordance with a spiritual teaching in a spirit/energy form is understood, as the source of all the thought emotional creation. The philosophy meant meditation in the sense to be aware to watch the soul, but practically it is to watch the mind. Meditation in English is defined as medicine for the mind. Dhyan or meditation means, in awareness you watch (meditate) all thoughts to become a witness to them, to let go these thoughts. I understand, everybody is genetically aware and that is the reason why he or she thoughtfully feels emotion. But the biggest misery of many is not able to be watchful to witness thoughts and to witness; the mind needs to be centered. Thoughts without witnessing cannot be let gone and without let going, the mind to be in a permanent silence is impossible. Many enlightened masters have developed techniques. They are only scientific techniques a physical exercise in a form of active and passive meditation to help individuals, physically through the body to connect, experience, and condition the mind from their awareness to develop, the art of watching. Most friends make these techniques a new circle of misery in their chase to freedom, as a spiritual connection to soul and God. Where they assume that by doing meditation some kind of energy is generated, and that energy connects them to God or Soul.

Meditation or Dhyan :

The moment the mind stops believing and trusting anything it becomes practical and realistic to start questioning itself “WHY & WHY”. The mind from its own life experiences raises a question to its emotional miseries. The answer is known as it is the creator, but the ego to accept it as the creator makes the mind confused. This confusion does not allow the mind to realize and accept its own answer. By questioning oneself fearlessly without a belief and trust, one becomes practical and realistic to develop a rebellion towards its fear, which allows him or her to be honest and that is witnessing. Miseries are created from different kinds of emotional fear via thoughts, but one is not ready to question oneself that it is the creator of its own misery. This happens, as he or she is always in a habit, from one’s ego of blaming something external and others to all its emotions. The blaming happens from an ego of non-acceptance that they can be wrong or even accept, to let go that others can be wrong from their feared nature and conditioning. Witnessing means in one’s awareness it is a witness from watching, the core of each created emotional thought. Witnessing brings oneself to a conclusion; it is the creator of all its emotions and not somebody or something else. Witnessing make him or her honest to oneself, where honesty gives a positive outlook on one’s life, to allow him or her to let go their negativity, emotions. I have developed a specific technique to witness and come to a conclusion that we are the creator of our miseries.

Witnessing or Shakshi:

Everybody is aware, in the spiritual and academic science it is understood as consciousness. We are aware that is why we are in a living form and able to experience and feel emotional thoughts. All thoughts generate from an open eye accumulated and stored as memories, to reflect as a dream, imagination, or illusion both with a closed and an open eye. The only creative awareness that needs to be initiated is by developing a conditioning, to an art with an open eye to be constantly centered to become watchful to each thought. This developed art is understood as super consciousness, where with an open eye one can center to become watchful to witness its mind to let go each thought at that very moment.

Awareness or Consciousness:

Realization is the only and only way to freedom beyond fear, to be in silence permanently. What is realization? When an individual mind accepts and understands that he or she is the creator of their miseries, a realization arrives that they are the creator. Only from a practical and realistic understanding, one can condition the mind to negotiate, from their awareness to watch and be a witness, the core of every emotional thought of fear. Where one comes to realize, to conclude how and where the mind generates, each and every emotional thought in fear. Realization automatically stops the fight with fear, to let go each individual thought of fear, for the mind to surrender.


Religious and spiritual friends feel that they have surrendered to their religion or enlightened master, but that surrendering is partial, limited and only related to a feared calculated requirement. Surrendering has to be total, where the mind accepts everything that comes its way good or bad. As everything is just happening, will happen and nothing is happening for a reason, so one lets everything happen on its own and stops participating in anything. Realization of being the creator is only a way or path and surrendering to everything is the ultimate leap to freedom, where death is also an ecstasy. Notice the tamed animals, how easily they surrender to a human cruelty against their freedom, where the surrender of even the so-called ferocious animal is so graceful towards let going their freedom. Here a human cruelty to their freedom changes to their surrender. I have introduced a very beautiful technique for surrendering in the retreat.


Enlightenment has not been understood, as it has been connected to the illusionary spiritual world and this connection has eluded him and her enlightenment. Enlightenment is only a state of mind and very simple. Enlightenment is the moment of that millisecond the mind realizes it is the creator of everything from its fear. Where from realization the mind automatically develops an acceptance of its fear, and in this acceptance the ability to witnessing happens to surrender to the same fear. The mind surrenders to everything, to whatever is happening to let everything happen on its own, to take the leap to go beyond fear. This sparkle of awakening, at the moment, is an illumination to a new realization, is enlightenment. Enlightenment is a new birth and a state of mind, where there is a permanent freedom in silence and nothingness.


Active meditation is a tantra and the central focus of active meditation is the mind, where the body is external and mind is internal. It is a union, where the mind connects physically through the body to make a union with each other. The purpose of active meditation is to cultivate discernment awareness and to self-regulate watching. Active meditation is only a physical technique/tool, nothing spiritual. Due to its intense physical involvement, it gives the mind an instant connect to watch. The instant connect happens, due to a sudden diversion of a busy mind to the tiredness that develops a silence, which becomes very appealing. It happens as the mind unconsciously has self-regulated and diverted itself into watching the tiredness. This silence is temporary, as the art of watching consciously and permanently has still not been conditioned. But individuals participating in this technique enjoy the silence that has given an instant temporary relief, to their busy mind. This instant relief has created a tremendous liking for active meditation techniques. Due to its instant connect many enlightened masters introduced Active meditation techniques in different forms and ways, to help individuals physically through the body to connect, self-regulate, and condition the mind to develop the art of watching. Friends even when somebody works out in the gym or does any physical activity like dancing, running, etc., the mind develops the same silence. But here they relate it to tiredness and not silence, as they have not prepared the mind to relate these physical activities as spiritual meditation. Technically how it works I have described it in the defining techniques section.


Present and past generation have always been leading a very active life with the subsequent progress of science. The way science is progressing presently, the generation of feared thoughts has become humongous and with this, the mind has become super active. I don’t need to say it you all have your very own experience as you are aware, of your wants and chase for things that have increased, and increasing every second. With my experience, if you are not able to watch one needs to start with active mediation in any form and slowly move to passive meditation. Shakti meditation has been developed very scientifically for the mind to connect physically through the body to experience and condition it towards watching, taking into consideration human physical and psychological stability.

Active Meditation:

Passive meditation is also a tantra and is a meeting point or a union, of a mental and subtle physical aspect in a simple and humble way towards a connection to the mind, nothing spiritual. Many enlightened masters have developed passive meditation in many forms, like prayers, mantras, music, singing, painting, vipassana, and many other ways. Friends will get into an argument with me, as they understand prayers in different ways, from different religions are a thanksgiving to God. No, they are wrong, as religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers have fooled many from their feared knowledge. Enlightened masters gave the technique of praying as a tool to get engrossed, to get physically connected to the mind in a subtle way to self-regulate watching. It is the same aspect with mantras, singing, music, painting etc. Passive meditation techniques also help, but for that first, you need to get to the state of mind, where witnessing from watching becomes more easy and constant.

Passive Meditation:

Yoga is also a tantra, a physical activity and a form of active meditation. It is neither a philosophy nor spirituality where it makes a fight towards watching. The fight derives a temporary silence, which has made yoga very appealing to create a tremendous liking for it. The meaning of yoga in English is “Union”. The union means connecting the mind physically through the body and making a union with each other. The beginning of Yoga came into existence in an asana form and was developed as a physical stress reliever by the Indus civilization in northern India around 5000 years back for laborers of those days. Patanjali the great master was the first to introduce yoga as a technique in a systematic active meditation form. He gave it a form for the mind to physically connect through the body, to self-regulate watching. After Patanjali, a lot of yoga masters made it a practice as a meditation and also designed yoga in different posters systematically to rejuvenate and develop flexibility for a healthy body. Yoga was also the medium, which developed martial art therapies for the Asian region. In the west, yoga got introduced in the late 18th century. Now a day’s many friends enjoy yoga, which has become a craze due to a health-conscious environment. Friends, while doing yoga become a little aware to combine it also as a technique towards watching. But please also be aware, as many intellectuals have given yoga, one more definition, as spirituality and again influencing friends into imaginations and illusions. I am not a yogi but very well understand the psychology of yoga. If friends are interested I can combine yoga as an active meditation, adding a few of my techniques that can help you to develop an opening to watch, realize, witness and surrender for your freedom beyond fear, to be in silence permanently. I have combined yoga, with my other techniques in a form of a retreat and have taken help from professional yoga masters, for yoga techniques. Yoga retreat programmer details you can check in the yoga section.


I am a rebel I rebelled with my practicality, questioning every enlightened and intellectual master’s discourse that I was hearing or reading. I have also rebelled against my own blissfulness, to experience if I have it or an imagination. For this reason, I have been experimenting with myself in many ways, for many years staying in this feared society. For a long time, I kept myself away from sharing the way I realized my freedom. As I understood when so many beautiful masters have spoken, and are speaking about their freedom beyond fear, how would I make a difference? I also had a few responsibilities towards my daughter who had her wants and did not want to run away from her expectations towards me so had to continue making money in the worldly material world. With my responsibilities taken care, now I have to take care of my world family of all the living beings. Where the way, I am seeing, again and again, beautiful enlightened masters experiences and guidance being misinterpreted and noticing a lot of your repeated miseries, it has given me a motivation to share my practical experiences, in the way I have realized. Even this guidance of mine is my rebellion to your miseries. Please don’t make your rebellion towards my realization, for you to miss your freedom to live a beautiful peaceful silent life.

Me the Rebel:

I have developed a process with your 100% involvement, where I guide you to your basic reality. With this process, you can make your life simple by seeing things in the right and positive way. It is so simple that anyone can live his or her life blissfully, staying in the present feared society and still carrying on with his or her regular day-to-day life in the same routine in a beautiful silence. My guidance is in the form of an Intense Meditation retreat where you spend 5 days with me in a total physical non-talking environment, you can call it silence. Here I am only guiding and preparing you to create your realization, through an interaction, in words from a discourse. With this discourse, you can hear, listen to the truth of my freedom and some techniques that will help you from your awareness to be a witness, from watching to let go each and every thought to develop positivity towards life, to surrender for your freedom beyond fear.

My process for your freedom.









I am sharing and guiding A WAY TO BE ONLY IN A BLISSED MOMENT via an intense meditation retreat. I am sharing in the form of a retreat, with only a few participants at a time for me to be very personal, giving one to one attention individually. Here as guidance with a philosophy from my realization, I guide these participants to be beyond fear, through a process of interactive discourse and a few techniques. I understand unless the basic intelligence of human existence and feared spirituality is not clear, the reach to freedom beyond fear is impossible. With this basic clarity, a foundation develops to reach the destination of freedom beyond fear, to be in nothingness or no mind. Friends, I am sharing a simple and basic way to live a beautiful life. Where from your own awareness a realization develops, to stop yourself from suffering in any misery, and be in a blissful present moment. This process takes you from your awareness to go inwards to the center of your mind, to watch and witness the core of every individual thought. The core from where the mind ignites every thought of emotional feelings, imaginations, and illusions, even the emotional feeling of happiness is a deliberate diversion to avoid sadness, where happiness is a mask overlapping sadness. Each and every emotion is of fear, and these emotions create all your miseries. Misery is the garbage from the mind that you collect from emotions, and the same mind is the bin to store this garbage as memories. In this process, you develop witnessing from watching where you come to a realization that you are the creator of all your misery. Once you realize that you are the creator, you become honest with yourself. You might argue that I am honest, but the honesty what you relate is only to others. You are honest with others in an ego, but the same ego does not allow you to accept that you can be wrong; this non-acceptance never allows you to be honest with yourself. With an inner honesty, it is easy for you to witness to let go thoughts of each emotion of fear at that very instance. Let go develops accessibility to a new realization of being in the moment, to surrender in totality to any fear. Where you go beyond fear to surrender to whatever is happening to you and your surroundings, to enjoy every breath of silence. Being in the moment automatically erases the past, this happens with the new realization that gives a changed outlook to the past. This changed outlook on its own will empty your bin of so many unconscious and conscious emotional memories, that you have been collecting and storing. Now with this realization, you will never need anybody henceforth; you will be the master of your own life in absolute silence and peace.


Friends, I would especially like to emphasize, to all the youngsters to particularly take an interest in my sharing, as you have your whole life to live. Make an intelligent attempt to live a beautiful life. Friends I am not sharing my philosophy to attract and make you participate in the retreat programmer; you can any time get in touch with me with any of your questions via any medium that we can communicate. As my sharing is only to give an opening to a reality of a feared spirituality, for you to enjoy freedom beyond fear and not any monetary requirement of mine, as my needs in life are a bare minimum and already taken care of.

Many enlightened masters have been very determent to say, freedom from fear is possible with only awareness from watching that is “Dhyan or meditation”, where a realization arrives to go beyond fear. They say spiritual techniques is an effort and not needed, what they mean to say is, the moment an effort is done to get something, everything is lost. It is very simple the moment an effort is applied, a chase starts towards a purpose and that purpose creates a misery. At one point initially, I also felt the same as I have experienced my freedom only from a developed art, of watching to witness without any techniques. But while expressing and experimenting with many friends, I could relate that they are very much engrossed in faith to realize they are the creator, which makes them unwatchful. Realization is not coming from a conscious habit, of getting something freely only by a simple illusionary thought from a faith to spirituality. For these unwatchful friends, I have developed easy and basic techniques/tools, as they need some techniques to connect physically to the core of their mind to realize they are the creator, where they can be a witness to their thoughts from watching to let go all thoughts for them to surrender. Please understand I can only point to the alphabets, but to make “A” as an Apple a word and Apples grow on a tree a sentence is your intelligence”.

My process to freedom for a beautiful silent life is only possible for friends, who can and would like to understand their being in a practical way. Practically to stay and live in a tangible reality to what they, them self can do, reach, hold, see, and touch. I don’t want to disrespect friends who have an approach to the imaginary feared spiritual world. But my process is not for friends who are in an assumption from a spiritual imagination to faith, to trust and believe any kind of illusionary energy or spirit. Where they consciously live in a dream world, from a fear that changes the reasoning to experience freedom. Let me warn friends, who have opened themselves to my realization; my experience cannot be yours, you have your own experiences, but my experiences can only be helpful as guidance for you to get watchful, to see and develop your experiences positively. For this I just want you to surrender fearlessly to a new beginning. I am sharing my experiences not because I want you to believe or trust me. Please don’t believe or trust me as belief and trust will develop a conscious faith that will lead you again to an unknown journey. Be realistic and practically intelligent to open yourself to your freedom.​

Noticing many friends, suffering in their miseries from different chases has given me a motivation. My motivation is not from any fear but it is my compassion seeing these friends. My compassion has allowed me to put an effort to share my realistic and practical philosophy, that has helped me to my freedom and stay with it permanently. But realizing a strong conscious involvement of most friends in their faith to spirituality, I understand to consider that only a few, will accept my practical philosophical realization and ways beyond spirituality. This brought me to a conclusion to only reach out to a few friends, who are ready to rebel against their spiritual fear, giving them a personalized interaction. Where I can speak a language that I understand is strong, ruthless and direct but effective for their freedom. From my experience I realized only a strong and direct language can help, to break a conditioning of religious and spiritual fear and most importantly the ego. My understanding allows me to hurt many, where it hurts the most to butcher their fear and ego, for their freedom. I am absolutely sure if a few friends from the many, take a practical and realistic approach beyond their spiritual fear, these few have jumped, to rebel against their created feared spiritual religious conditioning; this will make it easy for me to guide them to freedom with a little help from my realization.


Friends the understanding from my realization does not allow and influence me to speak an appealing language of spirituality. An appealing language makes it very easy to attract and draw a large crowd. Where religious and spiritual friends like to hear this language, conditionally to only consciously polish and give a new shine to their present articulated feared spiritual faith. Faith from a trust to believe God, soul and spiritual energy, which are all an imaginary, unrealistic, invisible, invented, from an abstract thought. This conscious feared conditioning would never allow them to their freedom, as it is an assumed and visualized thoughtful connection to everything outside. Even the soul, which has been conveyed as internal as per spirituality, is a contradiction of spirituality where it is also conveyed as an external source traveling to different bodies, so it is external. It is very easy for anybody and even me to talk the spiritual language of faith, by wearing specific costumes, spiritual jewelry, and related spiritual ways to attract any spiritual and religious individuals. As these individuals in their fear have already developed an influence of an external source of God, soul and the entire derivatives of the spiritual world in their feared religious conditioning. This is where most religious and spiritual friends have an attraction, to a religious or spiritual master/reformer that talks the language and acts the way they like to see and hear, the language of faith. I am sorry if I am annoying many friends and my fearless spiritual rebellion will surely receive a lot of criticism and rejection towards my freedom. I will be labeled a non-believer, as many will fail to understand that my nature is beyond fear and not a human God-fearing nature that, most friends live their lives in. Here I would like these God-fearing friends to please understand, that I am experiencing and enjoying my freedom and their argument to my experience will differ from their feared perspective conditioning. So I request all these friends not to make my sharing a discussion verbally or mentally to raise questions about my experiences. My feared religious and spiritual friends the chase to your religion and spirituality has already defeated you, by adding more fear to your life. There is nothing for you to lose, as you are already lost in your chase from spirituality. At least you can make an effort to take a new step for your own benefit; where you can develop a path with a realistic and practical approach without spirituality, and go beyond fear to a fearless life of silence, that’s freedom. Just be intelligent and don’t collect information and become one more intellectual. Be practical and not imaginary in spirituality, to use your intelligence or you will just be a sheep bundled in a herd full of fear where the crowd is. When you can be a tiger, who is always alone and yet he is the king. You all are very intelligent use it and do not allow fear to suppress your intelligence. Many friends will judge my freedom & name it madness from my ego. But this ego has already vanished with acceptance of my fear, as I have already accepted my defeat and surrendered. Yes, I do accept that I am mad and my madness from my compassion is for your freedom, and also there is a little selfish effort of mine to develop a beautiful surrounding around me.


I do agree with an external universal source for all the living form existing on earth; there is something that has brought this whole universe into its existence. But my religious and spiritual friends many are wrong in the way they have idealized the unrealistic spiritual world of a feared human GOD and SOUL, as this spiritual idealization is contradicting its own projection, where it has created a greater fear and victimized many towards their existence. The idealization is wrong where; if this so-called spiritual God were in existence the way it has been projected, then the world and especially humans would have been different. What is wrong with being realistic and practical and not illusionary and imaginary in faith to limit oneself, to experience freedom? Still, if there is an external source of human GOD, it is never going to hurt or affect anybody, if he is a God as it has been identified. With freedom, there is an initiative to live a life in the present moment that becomes silent, and blissful from a new realization that will hold and never allow anybody to do any kind of doing. I can assure everybody their freedom as I am a witness to my beautiful life of silence from my practical and realistic understanding beyond spirituality, but it needs their surrender.

I am enjoying my freedom for the last few years. What is this freedom I am talking about? Freedom is only beyond fear; fear is the genetic preconceived and preloaded nature of the mind from birth, in every living form. The mind from its genetic fear generates a thought as a feeling of an emotion, illusion, and imagination, where they come as a feared reaction as per the mood of a raised psychological required situation of that mind. To satisfy the reacted psychological requirement, the mind develops a chase as a want and this want drives everybody to all its miseries. Beyond fear is only an acceptance by the mind of its fear, for that same mind to become a witness to itself, to realize its creation of that feared reaction via a thought, for it to let go that thought. Where the same feared mind by letting every thought go allows itself, to be present in silence, nothingness, emptiness or no mind, and that is freedom. Friends with freedom, one can be around feared surroundings and other fearful minds to continue doing everything, and still be in absolute peace and silence. Where this silence brings him and her to be non-judgmental, which initiates the mind to be in a permanent bliss. With this silence and blissfulness of mine from conversations with different individuals in the last few years, I am relating the facts as an opinion, that may not be for all but many; it is your choice to decide if you are in the many or not. Friends while interacting casually with different religious and spiritual friends in the material world, the egoistic world of achievements, I could relate many are not aware and unconscious of their suffering that has been created by money and knowledge. Where they have become greedy to chase knowledge, money, prosperity, and fame. This chase has come as an approval from a religious feared society towards a reason for survival, from which they have developed their own feared society. Where, as a way of living they have made a chase for money, knowledge, fame, and prosperity, an instrument from their religious God towards happiness and suffering, as fate. They have only consciously developed a want chasing an unknown reason, to create their circle of misery with “MONEY AND KNOWLEDGE AS A CURRENCY”. I am wondering how openly these friends are contradicting their Gods. Has their God made knowledge and money, just out of the blue or is it a human development towards greed for supremacy, it is shocking. Also interacting with friends from the spiritual world, who are following and have surrendered to different religions or enlightened masters, I could relate from their response that many are still quite engrossed in faith. A faith towards a spiritual God and an external soul residing in every living form, both imaginary in a spirit/energy form derived from a religious conditioning. Also from faith to believe a feeling of an illusionary spiritual energy from an abstract thought. Nobody has been genetically born with religion or spirituality, but the conditioning of faith has been forced and hypnotically manipulated on every human from birth to follow God. A conditioning of belief and trust, to have faith in God and soul has been forced by intellectual religious and spiritual reformers as spirituality, towards a way to surrender to an external source of God. This conditioning has become most human’s feared spiritual religious conditioning. (An intellectual is an individual who has collected knowledge from his predecessor and only expressing and reciting without his own experience). From the conditioning of faith, these reformers are consciously making themselves and every spiritual friend to neglect and avoid living in the present moment. The pathetic part is that these spiritual friends, spiritual and religious reformers are even contradicting surrender to their God, which is only partial at choice limited to a feared requirement. The partial surrendering can be noticed from their living behavior, in which they are living in extreme dreaded fear. Their fear shows a mistrust towards their God, by not accepting him unconditionally to hand over their fear to god, to enjoy whatever has is or going to happen to them. Actually, the mistrust is there as God and Soul is only an imagination and not seen, which has developed a conscious confusion. So consciously these friends in confusion have only created a feared required spiritual want, where they feel that they have understood spirituality and are on the path of it. This confusion has only developed more fear for them, where they have only accumulated conditionally their religious books as knowledge only to a feared requirement. Even I also realized, most spiritual friends who have jumped from some religion to follow an enlightened master, are conscious to confusingly collaborate their engraved feared religious conditioning to their master's experiences. Where they have developed a feared faith towards him also and by practice, again conditionally only accumulating his experiences as a spiritual knowledge. This feared accumulated spiritual knowledge of both these set of friends has made them only an intellectual, which they are using and reciting at their required choice. This knowledge of spirituality has developed a want to reach God, which they are chasing to create their circle of misery with “SPIRITUALITY AS A CURRENCY”. Nowadays there is a strong following to spiritual techniques and therapies, and some participating spiritual friends might also be experiencing a relief of their emotional sufferings from these techniques and therapies, what they understand as spiritual meditation or yoga. The relief from these techniques and therapies is temporary, which they know and can feel as their emotional sufferings are always rebounding. This temporary relief which these friends, (I would call them regular offenders) don’t want to let go, has only made them addicted to these techniques and therapies, where this addiction has developed a greater want and generated more fear towards their sufferings, what they understand will be gone from these techniques and therapies, which has developed their chase to be free much stronger. From this addiction, they have created their circle of more misery with “TECHNIQUES AND THERAPIES AS A CURRENCY” in their chase.  What I mean as currency is only a mode or exposure of different wants. All these friends are chasing and living with their self-infected miseries in different circles and missing the chance to enjoy a beautiful silent life. The misery of all these set of friends can be noticed, the way they are living their life in utmost fear, from their chases in different circles. Seeing the chase of all these friends, I realized that they have still not understood that their genetic nature of fear has multiplied from religion and spirituality, in which they have developed faith and with that they do not realize that they themselves are the creators of their miseries from their different types of chases. This realization is not coming in their strong feared dependency towards a deceiving world of spirituality from faith to trust and from a trust to believe a human God. Where they have been taught as destiny to trust God and leave it to him to take care of all their doings. This is the reason why the accessibility to realize that they themselves are the creator of all their doing is not coming. Friends do understand everything that is being done bad or good is a wrongdoing, as everything that is being done is only from a feared condition. Also, the most dreaded part of spirituality, with a validation from religion an ego has been developed by humans, of being superior and different to all other living forms and to everything around them in this universe. This ego is the only and only problem of the human race, which has given them the attitude to authorize themselves to understand, that they have been given special powers by their God and are the only special and elite race in this universe. This superiority stemming from ego is making them a slave to spirituality. Where this superiority is making them unconscious towards themselves by relating everything to an outside source and not allowing them to witness from their watching the mind, to accept that they themselves are the creator of all their feared thoughts of emotional feelings and imaginations, for them to let go these thoughts to be present in the moment. Reading my opinion for many, some might consider that I am negatively judging. Yes, I am judging, and my judgment is from my compassion; in India we call it Karuna, but not at all a feared compassion. If all the beautiful enlightened masters had not been compassionate, then none of them would have shared their experiences. They would have silently spent their lives in some corner of this world. They judged the miseries around them and expressed a way for everybody to move beyond their miseries of fear.


Friends if some of you are already following an enlightened master, you don’t need me. My whole reasoning to share my realization is only to make you aware, to hear these beautiful masters in a way that goes beyond your feared spiritual religious conditioning. Where you can give yourself a different perspective to their beautiful sharing, as I have realized many friends are wasting these master’s experiences. And if you still would like to communicate with me about my experiences, I am always available to share the way I understand my freedom. We can even have a conversation about every enlightened master of the past, as we all have become one and have the same realization beyond fear.


Emotional anger is sometimes an unwanted or irrational emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. You can describe this emotion as a primary emotion, which comes from a natural fear of survival and protection from a wrongdoing. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat. Anger occurs to you when your personal boundaries are being or are going to be violated. You get angry as a protection mechanism, unconsciously to cover up fear, hurt or sadness.



This emotion is high or an inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or displayed in bearing, conduct, etc. This emotion comes from your fear in your ego of becoming to a dignified sense of what is due to oneself.



This emotion is easily felt and often expressed, you can understand with an example, say a child getting jealous when a mom cuddles another baby. This emotion comes from a fear of losing something.



Happiness is when your life fulfills your wants. In other words, happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Happiness is a feeling of contentment that life is just as you want it to be. But it comes by embracing sadness as a positive emotion that generates feelings of alertness, contentment, joy, and amusement developed from negative emotions of guilt, anger, contempt, and shame. So even happiness is in fear, where you deliberately avoid your sadness by wearing a mask of happiness.



A lot of other emotions, like anger, blame, guilt, fear, relief and even euphoria they often come in quick succession, which comes together with sadness. This emotion comes from a fear of losing something. Sadness can be expressed with different examples from your own life experiences. For example, when you lose any kind of relationship you feel sadness from your fear of losing.



Emotional fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; this feeling or condition of being afraid is something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension; something a person is afraid of. Fear is your only original nature, from your genes that come preloaded when you are born.



This emotion is concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself, seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure or well being without regard for others. Selfishness is a sign of your weakness, a selfish person fears to give some of his time, money or effort to others because he is afraid of the consequences that might happen on making such a sacrifice. Even selfishness is, from a fear of losing to what you have.



This is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Fear is a powerful emotion; it will make you do things that you would never typically be willing to do. The mind, in particular, is the culprit, where fear is often a huge motivator for being passionate.



This emotion is an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction for power, honor, fame or wealth and the willingness to strive for its attainment. It is your desire to achieve something or to succeed, accompanied by motivation, determination and an internal drive. Ambition describes those that achieve success based on their inner desire to do so and their belief in them. Ambition is often confused with aspiration, it is generated from hope and hope is an illusion a negative emotion always coming from a fear to trust and believe the unknown.

The theory of the external, God, Existence and Supernatural being is only from the fear of the unknown. God is only fear and an invisible invention to a belief in a spirit/energy form, from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe, and the same fear is still being glorified subsequently, till date by humans. The initial essence of God came millions of years back, created by the Homo sapiens tribe, our ancestors. The God they predictably assumed and imagined was from and residing somewhere in the sky, from their visibly seeing the sun and its light, the moon and its darkness, and the twinkling stars. These were the initial intellectuals who created an illusionary God, from a feared confused thought. The confusion of these intellectuals was about their presence, death, life after death, the surroundings, and to everything existing in this geographical universe. Further on with the evolution of Homo sapiens to humans and its subsequent generation developed God as magical in a spirit/energy form. The magical God was invented taking into consideration everything, humans saw around them was a magic of God, and defined him as a supernatural being. From this definition, they started giving different reasoning’s to God’s existence and to reach this supernatural God named the path “spirituality”. With further evolution, intellectual spiritual followers of different enlightened masters, giving an improvised concept of spirituality started giving a feared version of their enlightened masters as superhuman Gods and made religions. It is the same pattern the followers of present-time enlightened masters are following. Where in the near future this world is going to have new invented Gods and religions. Also taking into consideration God as supernatural and magical, most friends take the liberty to relate, God as the existence or the above one as an excuse. This excuse is considered as a reason to be taken care by God, for him or her to dump all their doings decided for them by God as their destiny, to consciously and deliberately forget that only they exist. Do understand any doing, bad or good is a feared conditioning. So friends don’t use this excuse, as only you are God and existing to be responsible for all your good or bad doings and not anybody else. In Sanskrit God is expressed as Bhagwan, where the word Bhagwan is two different words joined together as Bhag or Bhagya which means destiny, and Wan means way. This is the reason why enlightened masters where named Bhagwan as they, from their realization, developed their own destiny and a way/path to their freedom. The made destiny of the enlightened master is his own religion his truth, his Dharma for himself and not for anybody else’s. So, my friends, all and everybody can be and is a Bhagwan or God if you can make your own destiny and way/path, just being fearlessly intelligent.


Mind / Brain:

The Mind/Brain is so powerful that it has the potential to develop a genetic changeover, to the DNA. The brain is the hardware and the mind can be interpreted as the software, where fear is the virus. Academic science has still not been successful to find the functioning of the mind in totality. So from a spiritual belief has defined the brain and mind separately, where the brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body and the mind is interpreted and understood as a part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief, and imagination. Academically the brain is the physical organ mostly associated with mind and consciousness, where the intelligence of the mind permeates every cell of the body. But watching my mind and being realistic has made me understand that the brain and mind are the same. The mind has the power over all bodily systems, where the body acts as the sensor for the mind to react. The mind is also the manifestations of thought, perception, emotion, determination, memory, and imagination that take place. The mind is the awareness and has the ability to control and understand, to know why and what is to be done. Humans have the ability to understand and creatures or animals are able to interpret their environments, but not understand them. The human ability to understand has developed gradually, from a genetic change over in its evolution. But this understanding has been wrongly used, which can be taken as an advantage to realize and be beyond fear to become a real human being, rather than a vicious feared human being. 

How does the mind function? I am not going into the details scientifically, about the different operations of the mind; but only sharing the reason how I understand the mind of a human male and female form, function in fear. The mind functions in two different ways, one way it functions as a thinking mind and the other way it functions as an emotional mind. Thoughts are created from a feared thinking mind and with these thoughts the emotional mind functions. The thinking mind from its genetic fear makes the mind overwork; this overworking develops aggression, and the emotional mind with the help of the thinking mind develops all feelings. Seeing the male and female emotional behavior I understand genetically the male has a greater fear than the female, which can be noticed the way how easily female surrender to everything and the male more aggressive. Understanding the difference I can conclude that males react and express, from a feared thinking mind and females react and express, from a feared emotional mind. Both the functions of mind work together but the usage percentage varies in male and female differently as per a feared situation. The way the mind functions differently, the male has always physically and mentally dominated the female in most situations. The thinking mind, mentally to be aggressive has given power and strength to the male, and the emotional mind, mentally to surrender has given female sensitivity. This mental behavior can be noticed with the difference in their body structures and their expressions also, where the male form is rigid and strong and the female form is timid and sensitive. The difference is also noticeable from the emotional expressions, where the male is not expressive with some emotions and the female expressive with all their emotions. This happens as the male showing or expressing some emotions proves him being emotionally weak, which they regulate from their feared thinking mind. With evolution gradually humans have developed a skill of understanding and from this skill, they created ways to communicate with each other. Where from the fear of communication have efficiently developed far more senses like talk, read, write, etc., but have also decreased the quality of a few senses of eyesight, smell, and hearing, etc., with evolution to a subsequently changed lifestyle. Also nowadays with a changed society and lifestyle, the female form in their feared participation to make a living, are putting more efforts to make their thinking mind work, which has developed more miseries for them, as this is not genetically their mental behavior. The mind is only a joker that is playing a joke. The mind is the misery and only the mind can give itself freedom, for it to be NO MIND.

How do emotions work? Emotions are from a complex state of feelings that result in physical and psychological changes that influence thoughts and behavior. Emotions are physically strongly felt in the mind, deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. You have different emotions at different times but the awareness to understand, how it is coming is not there. They are developed from your genetic fear. Let me define how it comes from fear. I have taken technical help from a few learned scientific individuals for me to express the basic nine, there are much more expressed emotions then this nine but they all are correlated.


I am not a spiritual reformer and am sharing my own freedom beyond fear; if one understands then it is good, and if not it is very good. Religious reformers, followers circulating experiences of present time enlightened masters, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters, reincarnated Gods, all these individuals are known and understood as spiritual reformers. Spiritual reformers and Kings/Queens, in reality, are the same both are only politicians. Taking advantage of human fear, politically Kings/Queens used sword or guns in a strong and direct way, and spiritual reformers politically in a subdued way use illusionary and imaginary spiritual theories. Where spiritual knowledge is circulated as reforming to others that, is defined, influenced, shown, and propagated as love. Both kings/queens and reformers have the same purpose, by taking advantage of human fear to rule and control everybody. The thought to rule in any way is a strong human tendency and euphoria from a want of recognition and is an ego from the fear of inferiority. The worst agony for this world has come from spiritual reformers, where from a quest to rule they are circulating a feared spiritual intellectual knowledge. Spiritual reformers are only intellectuals, who have given a dignified name to the words rule and control, as reforming. Where they as achievement acquire, collect, borrow and rob a religious God or enlightened masters experiences as intellectual spiritual knowledge. An intellectual is an individual who has collected knowledge and only expresses and recites without his own experience. Knowledge is acquired as a demand for the want of recognition towards the fear of non-achievement. Do understand a reformer acquires knowledge in his fear and circulates his own fear through reforming, where they have taken advantage of your inability to understand an enlightened master in your fear, to force their feared version of their religious God and enlightened master. From, their advantage this world has seen a different and feared version of enlightened masters, as these reformers have manipulated every religious God and present time-enlightened masters experiences.


I am rebelling against these spiritual reformers and my rebellion against them is to make a few realize their unawareness, as a few of them might be using a medium of reforming for their own growth and expressing. Spiritual reformers with a tendency to rule are adamant from faith, to share religious Gods or an enlightened master’s experiences. These reformers, from a presumption and assumption of their intellectual knowledge, are reciting to teach and reform others. They do reform but how would they justify being a reformer, and confirm if their religion or enlightened master has shared is the right way to go beyond fear. Where they themselves have not done any justice to their own growth to enjoy their own freedom beyond fear, by understanding their religious or an enlightened master in the right way. These reformers from their fear of not able to give any realistic confirmation to their reforming, have introduced the words of faith, belief, and trust to save themselves from their own reforming contradiction. I am very specific about what I am expressing for spiritual reformers, it is from my experiences interacting with different religious and spiritual reformers. My interaction made me understand that reformers are only expressing and reciting knowledge in absolute unawareness and utmost fear, where they are only forcing their knowledge on many. Be intelligent to notice their contradiction from the way they lead and live their own life in absolute fear, where they themselves are contradicting their own reforming. By doing this they have destroyed human freedom of being beyond fear. At least once these reformers need to be honest and talk to themselves about what they are doing. They are only fooling themselves and everybody in their ego of being a reformer and consciously spreading their own fear. And have created a path of self-destruction from spirituality and religion for themselves and even other humans to be in fear permanently. Taking advantage of this human fear for centuries and more effectively nowadays spiritual reformers, proclaimed intellectual enlightened masters and incarnated Gods have made spirituality a big profitable business. In this business, they are selling spirituality, religious beliefs and enlightened masters techniques as a commodity. Also, many therapists who have given themselves a name as spiritual reformers, are selling their own techniques or therapies in the name of enlightened masters and doing a lucrative business. I can prove and give you various examples of these spiritual reformers contradicting their own reforming. If what I am expressing does hurt all these spiritual reformers, then they really need to notice their ego and start being watchful to what they are doing. 

Why do we have spiritual and religious reformers? Reformers also have and feel the agony of their fear. They become reformers to hide their fear and from a tendency to rule giving a political name to rule as love, they resort and as an excuse express they are doing their religious or enlightened master’s work. But they are mistaken, past or present enlightened masters have not done any work they have just shared in different ways their beautiful life experiences of silence as guidance and gone. Enlightened masters guidance has been mistaken as work, I am very specific about the word “work”. The word work only means achieving something for a goal, enlightened masters are beyond their emotions of ambition or passion for them to chase a goal. Doing the masters work has been the same pattern for centuries and a failure for the human world, that every spiritual reformer, sannyasi and follower is chasing to spread his or her enlightened master’s experiences. Religious reformers are doing it from a feared taught spirituality and followers/spiritual reformers of the present time enlightened masters from an assumed temporary relief, where they feel they can also relieve others. Experiences can only be shared from your realization and understanding, where it becomes your truth and dharma, and can only be expressed your own way. You can only share your truth otherwise it becomes a lie, as you don’t know if a religious or enlightened master has shared his true experiences of silence and bliss. Any enlightened masters silence cannot be assumed and felt, as assumption and feelings only come from a feared thought. It is so funny in my interaction, I got to hear from followers and reformers of different religions and enlightened masters reciting, my religion or enlightened master has said this and that, trying to teach. I am still wondering when these friends will be intelligent enough to come out of the dependency of their religion or enlightened master to express their own experiences. These friends have only accumulated intellectual knowledge and I would like to remind once again knowledge is only a collection from fear. It is collected consciously to prove his or her intelligence for a want of recognition, to be heard by others and even themselves.

Religious and Spiritual Reformers:

Hell is nothing external it is only the miseries from all the emotions that many are suffering in a day-to-day life, which becomes their hell and the same way heaven is nothing external it is freedom from these very same miseries, where this phase of life becomes beautiful that is heaven. Both are only in the present life and not after death.

Hell & Heaven:

Past life is nothing but only the past experiences of the present on-going life, stored as memories and next life is only the life that is going to come in this very present on-going life. The same as hell and heaven they are both in the present on-going life. Be in the moment the second that has gone, is the past and the next second that is coming is still a long way ahead, the next life. Be in the present moment now or never.

Past and Next Life:

Past life experiences are only illusions, where a lot of times friends do get carried away from a few therapists. Therapists through a hypnotic therapy as a projected vision give reasoning to past life. But these visions are only imaginations that have been seen, dreamed or fantasized, from many conscious stories that the mind has stored as memories in the present on-going life. Also, academic science has proved that genetically memories of the mother do, transfer from the mother into the child. In hypnosis, the mind has consciously allowed itself to be in a deep sleep, where it dives into its memories to reflect and feel these projected visions as a realistic thought. But basically it is only a dream, remember that a mind cannot be hypnotized against its will; it works only if the mind agrees to let it happen.

Hypnotic Past Life Experiences:

Karmas can be defined as, to be present in the moment. It means to be watchful of the present moment towards oneself, to stop participating in anything good or bad in the present moment. But religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers have given a feared version to karmas. They have projected karma as an instrument to negotiate for a better future or next life, and blame a done karma of the past as the reason to all the good or bad happenings in the present. I can only laugh; most friends are so confused and are not aware of the present on-going moment and from a feared thought, worry about the future and past.


The meaning of Chakra in English is a circle. The way I understand and express is quite simple, as per the Hindu Philosophy there are seven chakras identified at different places of the body. The first six chakras have been expressed as basic needs to live a life in peace, but these six needs, humans have been chasing as a lust or want. The initial expression to chakra came from Krishna in Gita, where he expressed the Abhimanyu chakra as a circle of life miseries. The philosophy expressed is that, the moment a realization comes these six are only a need, not a want the chase stops to achieve anything, and that is freedom or satori the seventh chakra the crown. There is nothing spiritual or any kind of thoughtful imaginary energy source connected to these chakras. Let me give you a specific description of these seven chakras.


1st The Base or Genitals: It symbolizes reproduction, a need to bring a new human to life, but a want has been developed mentally as sex, a lust that is chased.


2nd The Sacral or Navel: It symbolizes connectivity to the life source, the mother at birth a need, but a want has been mentally created to be alive permanently till infinity, a lust that is chased.


3rd The Solar or Stomach: It symbolizes food, food transforms into physical energy for a body to survive to live, and a need. But food is consumed as hunger and been mentally chased, a lust.


4th The Heart: It symbolizes emotions, all feelings of love and other emotions develop from the mind a human process to a need, but a want has been developed mentally chasing this feeling of love and other emotions, a lust.


5th The Throat: It symbolizes breathe, breath is a need to a living body and when breath stops it is death a process unavoidable, but a fear of death has developed a want and chased mentally not to die, a lust.

6th The Brow or Third eye: It symbolizes mind, the mind functions as a need for everything in the body to be alive. But the mind is unreasonably used to develop all emotions, and to achieve knowledge and store memories. A want and lust have been created mentally to achieve, store, and chase knowledge that is not needed. This change is the basic difference in human evolution, where from the process of understanding they have created unlimited miseries for themselves; via knowledge than other creature forms.


7th The Crown: It symbolizes freedom. The moment a realization arrives that, the six chakras are only a need to live a peaceful life. The chase of wants in all the circles of miseries disappears and that’s freedom, satori or enlightenment. In the feared spiritual world it has been defined and believed as, the place from where the soul departs, after enlightenment to connect with God.


The academic science has given a proven reasoning of the geographical universe and earth as an energy mass form and a byproduct from the sun. But specifically, the reason has been given as a term to a sourced physical element, from the sun and only known to humans a few hundred years back. Spiritual energy is the most outspoken and related word in spirituality, and all spiritual illusions and imaginations are connected to energy. Religious/spiritual reformers, intellectual proclaimed enlightened masters and reincarnated Gods relate energy as a source to connect humans to God and soul. The connection has come, as God and soul have been given a spirit form, where different reformers have connected spiritual energy to different spiritual derivatives like chakras, tantra, etc. is quite astonishing. It is very easy for reformers to relate energy to everything, as they don’t have to prove anything realistically, where no proof has to be given, only to be believed and trusted. Many religious/spiritual masters have and are taking advantage of this word spiritual energy as their felt experience, but again a belief for many that have to be trusted. In reality, it is a misery for them, as it becomes a chase to receive it again and again where a thought has to be created to achieve and visualize it. Spiritual energy is only an illusion, to an unrealistic invisible, invented, abstract thought and a deliberate attempt by the mind to see and feel it. A no mind or nothingness will never create or develop any thoughts, it will let go every thought even the illusionary and imaginary thought of energy.


Spiritual Energy:

Your process, for freedom beyond fear

Spiritualism has confused many, where it has developed illusions and imagination towards an unrealistic world of spiritual thoughts, where a huge wall of unconsciousness has been created that one is not ready to rebel and break. Many are ready to believe the world of illusions and imaginations, towards a faith to trust the unknown from beliefs, and to feel an assumed, invented spiritual energy thought. These are all imaginations and non-existent that have pushed most into multiplying the existing genetic fear, which has made their reach impossible to be beyond fear. In this process of faith, most do not realize their feared confusion from spirituality to become practical and be realistic. This feared confusion does not allow them to exist in the present moment to live in absolute peace and silence. You need to rebel against the conditioning of your very own fear, from spirituality and its spiritual illusions the unknown to take a jump for your freedom. You need to be so thirsty and ready to take any risk, even the risk to lose yourself.

Friends let me share the way that I understand, for you to find your way to freedom beyond fear.

Unknowingly humans have developed the first active meditation from intercourse or sex, as it is understood. Where with this very high and intense physical process during intercourse a temporary silence is derived during and after intercourse. Yes, there is a sensation of ticklishness, which individuals enjoy and understand as pleasure or satisfaction. But the geographical universal nature has given this sensation to every living creature form, for stimulation towards a discharge of sperms. The process of intercourse and discharge is physical, which creates a temporary nothingness and for this so-called satisfaction and temporary nothingness, most humans have created so many miseries within them in fantasizing and trying to achieve sex. They are stuck miserably with sex and have made it a want, a lust, and have created an unwanted chase where every second thought is moving around in this fantasy. In reality, sex as a lust is only towards an achievement for the other individual’s body. The lust for sex is the most powerful circle of misery a chakra, and the moment human individual understand this as only a productive need, the lust calms down to their basic natural heating cycle needs, this brings the leap to freedom very close. What has been referred, as sex is only a reproduction process where humans become involved with each other physically to transfer sperms, to give birth to a new living form? This process the geographical universal nature has given to all the living creature forms on this earth, in different ways after every hormone cycle, to have a fertile period that is called “Heat” or an estrus cycle, for the female part to conceive the sperm from the male form. Humans also have the same, but with constant physical vaginal discharge, the human female form has lost this estrus cycle. From this loss, the human female can conceive a fertile sperm any time during an intercourse, except in a menstrual period (a filtration process). In a menstrual period, the female form gets ready for pregnancy, where it discharges blood, cells, and mucus from the uterus and is not ready to conceive the sperm. This process is the same in all living creature forms. Even the male form has a heat cycle, and have a menstrual cycle. They don’t discharge physically but like a female have an emotional turmoil, where the body gives an indication and is felt via the mind that is the male heat. Heat in a male form is only a collection of harmonic fluid that has been collected with time and needs to be discharged for a healthy body. Male humans have lost this process of heat; it has been lost, as they have been discharging their harmonic fluids at regular intervals. These are experiments that I have done with myself and from these experiments; I could understand the male heat cycle. Humans have also given the process of intercourse a name as love, where making sex is like showering love to the other. It does create a lot of intimacy between two individuals, where in some way their loneliness is being taken care of, due to a physical touch and closeness. This reaction is only in fear towards an initiation of being taken care of; where this defined love becomes a want towards the fear of loneliness. Intercourse or sex is not at all a feeling of any kind, and as a reaction in the human form has developed more fear. This fear has only come due to its regular non-availability, by regulations from an orthodox feared conditional society, which has developed the want and created a constant chase for sex. Seeing the constant chase for intercourse as sex, intellectual masters/reformers have smartly taken an advantage, and have given a spiritual love angle to intercourse, as a sex energy or tantra energy. Tantra in Sanskrit means a loom or weave it denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that co-developed most likely about the middle of 1st millennium CE. The term tantra in the Indian traditions also means theory, technique or practice. For century’s intercourse as a sex act has been a daily regular practice by humans and the most chased want. So in ancient India, tantrics from a Hindu cult using intercourse as a medium introduced tantra as an active meditation technique and to make it more desirable and pleasurable added different postures, fragrance, and sensuality. Tantrics introduced tantra as a technique, where humans could develop an art of watching that is Dhyan or Meditation. Tantra is also a union via intercourse to become watchful physically through the body, to the mind. But intellectual spiritual reformers have given this process a feared spiritual love consideration as tantra massage, tantra energy, and many versions. It is not at all related or anywhere close to even the so-called illusionary spirituality. Don’t make intercourse as sex a chase where you torture yourself into so much misery.


How would I define ego? It is a fearful want to be superior, to be above everything and to win. It is only about “I, me and myself” (In my write up I and me related to me, is just an expression of words for you). Ego is only a subsidized form of fear, as it comes from a self-approval of trying to prove superiority. This superiority feeling comes from the constant nature of conscious fear of inferiority. Defeat is bigger than a win. Winning is always chased to a goal, want, and desire. If defeat is accepted knowingly with awareness then that defeat is the greatest win, where defeat has given an acceptance to destroy his or her ego, and that is freedom beyond fear.


Spirituality is understood and traditionally been given importance to a subjective experience to a sacred dimension THE SOUL. Spirituality is a quest, in humans towards a chase from a belief, as a path/way to reach the supernatural power, which is an imaginary unknown and named as God. Spirituality is a concept theory and has come from a human fear, where on the path of spirituality an imaginary illusionary spiritual world has been created. In the spiritual world to prove, the living status of a human and other living forms and from the greed of humans to live permanently even after death in infinity, the soul has come into existence. The soul has been defined in an invisible spirit form, residing in every living body as an alien visitor; moving to different bodies for its final destination to be with God in his abode the heaven. To make the path easy for the soul to reach God, humans of the past introduced different types of rituals and offerings, which are still being followed till date. The funny part is, in spirituality humans are demanding various requirements from their religious god or an enlightened master and have also made their God and enlightened masters demanding to demand from humans Love, Respect, and Offerings to them.  This believed concept theory of spirituality to God and soul started thousands of years back, and in time subsequently different following religions have been giving their own versions of spirituality, taking the same spiritual concept into consideration in bits and pieces. The concept and ideology of spirituality are the same in every religion, where they have been giving humans the superior advantage against all the other living forms. This is how spirituality has deceived humans into believing that they are the supreme power, and humans enjoy this superior feeling to keep their ego happy. But this ego has driven humans to all their miseries, where it has multiplied their genetic fear in a chase to superiority. This ego has only developed more fantasies towards the unknown where the spiritual world is helping the ego, to instigate it. Friends, I am sure even to know that you are the same as every living form and nothing special, your ego will stop you to accept this reality that you are only a small part, and the same as all the living forms present in this universe. Spirituality is a myth, a dream an alleged immaterial and impractical fantasy, and a self-developed ego from illusions and imaginations of being different and superior to other living forms in this universe. This is the biggest tragedy in the human form; we all are the same from the very same geographical universe as every other living form, and that is the only reality. Connecting to the spirits of God and soul, which is unknown is like living in a fool’s paradise. Friends, there are a lot of confusions to everybody’s being in a living form and most of you have and are creating a lot of speculation and imagination towards it. Why don’t you leave aside this confusion and speculations, of God and soul to be realistic and practical to lead your present moment in peace beyond spirituality of illusions, which is only driving you to invariable mysteries of the unknown, which no one and not even an enlightened master can prove with an authentication?


The process for freedom can be defined and experienced in only these five words if understood in the right way, Awareness, Watching, Witnessing, Realization, and Surrendering, and are all interrelated with each other.

I am sharing a few subjects from a lot of research, collaborating with my freedom to make you realistic and practical, to realize the reality of your fear. We can speak at length these and other subjects in your questions to my experiences.

Beyond Ravana


Guidance to your freedom from fear to be in bliss;


Hello friends, I am not a writer, so pardon me with my language and grammatical mistakes. I am writing a language with a mind that is being rarely used, only by choice and has got rusty. Sharing experiences in words to satisfy different minds is not that easy, but I am trying. So please don’t read my language, experience the expression as I am only your next-door friend and am making an effort to share a philosophy from my experiences and realization, for you to float in life to your freedom beyond fear. I have only my experiences; it is my only wealth that I want to share with you. Friends without indulging in any prejudice from your present understanding, I am sharing my philosophy which is quite simple and straightforward; to give a positive clarity to a reality of “who you are” in a confused life from a deceiving spirituality. I have defined elaborately how spirituality has deceived many in the sections to follow. In fear, the Human God as the creator of the universe has been deceived on humans from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe, and most humans are still following the same perception. The human god came into existence from an imagination of the Homo sapiens, towards a misinterpretation of being present in a living form and seeing all the living and non-living surroundings present around them. God they predictably assumed and imagined was from and residing somewhere in the sky, from their visibly seeing the sun and its light, the moon and its darkness, and the twinkling stars. The subsequent generations of Homo sapiens, the humans followed God as the supreme soul; in India, it is known as Paramatma, in an invisible spirit form. These humans to prove god developed an imaginary fictitious esoteric world of heaven, which gave birth to spirituality and from spirituality, religion. Spirituality deliberately has been forced on humans, to believe the universal creator as God and the soul as an external illusionary spirit residing in everybody. Nobody has been born with any religion or spirituality but as a teaching, this conditioning has been forced hypnotically via a constant hammering from birth on everybody. I am very practical and have always lived in reality. By practical I mean is real, actual, tangible, which can be done, reached, held, touched and seen, and not from any kind of feelings, illusions, and imaginations. Imagination, illusions, and feelings occur as a thought, where thoughts from fear manipulate the mind to visualize them, as a realistic perception. The mind in fear decides to accept this perception consciously to develop a faith from a trust to believe all its imaginations, illusions, and feelings. Only a practical and realistic attitude helps the mind to raise questions to oneself, to realize the truth how the same mind from its genetic nature of fear, plays games to develop imaginations, illusions, and feelings for everything. This realistic and practical attitude has helped me to realize the truth, to experience and hold my freedom to be in silence permanently. From this realization, I guide you to become creative with an art, from your awareness to be watchful of the mind, to become free from constant thoughts of emotional feelings, dreams, illusions, and imaginations. With this art even in sleep, you are aware to be watchful; this experience has been understood and expressed as an out of body experience. In my write-up, I am expressing everybody as friends as I have realized from my experience only you can be a friend to everybody, and not somebody can be a friend to you as you cannot know the other person's mind. This realization gives positivity beyond any expectation that gives an availability to be a friend to everybody. The only other reason I am a friend is to be very personalized and close to you, but I would not let you argue with me about my experiences as a friend, where you can take me for granted. Many friends will associate me as a master or guru and will develop a wall of fear between us, but I am not a master, guru or teacher as my experiences can never be yours. Every moment is a new beginning; a new experience and a new experience can change the perception of the past experience for everybody and me also. So nobody can ever be master or guru to somebody. Only you can be your own master or guru, as your experiences are yours to watch and make a change or adapt your experiences. My experiences can be a guideline for you to watch and differentiate, to change a negative experience into a positive one. There is nothing like a negative or positive experience everything is an experience, but by creating a misery from an experience makes it negative. From my experience I share an advice; a beautiful future depends on the right practical intelligent decision in the present moment.

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