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Beyond Ravana


Guidance to your freedom from fear to be in bliss;


Hello friends, I am not a writer, so pardon me with my language and grammatical mistakes. I am writing a language with a mind that is being rarely used, only by choice and has got rusty. Sharing experiences in words to satisfy different minds is not that easy, but I am trying. So please don’t read my language, experience the expression as I am only your next-door friend and am making an effort to share a philosophy from my experiences and realization, for you to float in life to your freedom beyond fear. I have only my experiences; it is my only wealth that I want to share with you. Friends without indulging in any prejudice from your present understanding, I am sharing my philosophy which is quite simple and straightforward; to give a positive clarity to a reality of “who you are” in a confused life from a deceiving spirituality. I have defined elaborately how spirituality has deceived many in the sections to follow. In fear, the Human God as the creator of the universe has been deceived on humans from the time of the Homo sapiens tribe, and most humans are still following the same perception. The human god came into existence from an imagination of the Homo sapiens, towards a misinterpretation of being present in a living form and seeing all the living and non-living surroundings present around them. God they predictably assumed and imagined was from and residing somewhere in the sky, from their visibly seeing the sun and its light, the moon and its darkness, and the twinkling stars. The subsequent generations of Homo sapiens, the humans followed God as the supreme soul; in India, it is known as Paramatma, in an invisible spirit form. These humans to prove god developed an imaginary fictitious esoteric world of heaven, which gave birth to spirituality and from spirituality, religion. Spirituality deliberately has been forced on humans, to believe the universal creator as God and the soul as an external illusionary spirit residing in everybody. Nobody has been born with any religion or spirituality but as a teaching, this conditioning has been forced hypnotically via a constant hammering from birth on everybody. I am very practical and have always lived in reality. By practical I mean is real, actual, tangible, which can be done, reached, held, touched and seen, and not from any kind of feelings, illusions, and imaginations. Imagination, illusions, and feelings occur as a thought, where thoughts from fear manipulate the mind to visualize them, as a realistic perception. The mind in fear decides to accept this perception consciously to develop a faith from a trust to believe all its imaginations, illusions, and feelings. Only a practical and realistic attitude helps the mind to raise questions to oneself, to realize the truth how the same mind from its genetic nature of fear, plays games to develop imaginations, illusions, and feelings for everything. This realistic and practical attitude has helped me to realize the truth, to experience and hold my freedom to be in silence permanently. From this realization, I guide you to become creative with an art, from your awareness to be watchful of the mind, to become free from constant thoughts of emotional feelings, dreams, illusions, and imaginations. With this art even in sleep, you are aware to be watchful; this experience has been understood and expressed as an out of body experience. In my write-up, I am expressing everybody as friends as I have realized from my experience only you can be a friend to everybody, and not somebody can be a friend to you as you cannot know the other person's mind. This realization gives positivity beyond any expectation that gives an availability to be a friend to everybody. The only other reason I am a friend is to be very personalized and close to you, but I would not let you argue with me about my experiences as a friend, where you can take me for granted. Many friends will associate me as a master or guru and will develop a wall of fear between us, but I am not a master, guru or teacher as my experiences can never be yours. Every moment is a new beginning; a new experience and a new experience can change the perception of the past experience for everybody and me also. So nobody can ever be master or guru to somebody. Only you can be your own master or guru, as your experiences are yours to watch and make a change or adapt your experiences. My experiences can be a guideline for you to watch and differentiate, to change a negative experience into a positive one. There is nothing like a negative or positive experience everything is an experience, but by creating a misery from an experience makes it negative. From my experience I share an advice; a beautiful future depends on the right practical intelligent decision in the present moment.

I am enjoying my freedom for the last few years. What is this freedom I am talking about? Freedom is only beyond fear; fear is the genetic preconceived and preloaded nature of the mind from birth, in every living form. The mind from its genetic fear generates a thought as a feeling of an emotion, illusion, and imagination, where they come as a feared reaction as per the mood of a raised psychological required situation of that mind. To satisfy the reacted psychological requirement, the mind develops a chase as a want and this want drives everybody to all its miseries. Beyond fear is only an acceptance by the mind of its fear, for that same mind to become a witness to itself, to realize its creation of that feared reaction via a thought, for it to let go that thought. Where the same feared mind by letting every thought go allows itself, to be present in silence, nothingness, emptiness or no mind, and that is freedom. Friends with freedom, one can be around feared surroundings and other fearful minds to continue doing everything, and still be in absolute peace and silence. Where this silence brings him and her to be non-judgmental, which initiates the mind to be in a permanent bliss. With this silence and blissfulness of mine from conversations with different individuals in the last few years, I am relating the facts as an opinion, that may not be for all but many; it is your choice to decide if you are in the many or not. Friends while interacting casually with different religious and spiritual friends in the material world, the egoistic world of achievements, I could relate many are not aware and unconscious of their suffering that has been created by money and knowledge. Where they have become greedy to chase knowledge, money, prosperity, and fame. This chase has come as an approval from a religious feared society towards a reason for survival, from which they have developed their own feared society. Where, as a way of living they have made a chase for money, knowledge, fame, and prosperity, an instrument from their religious God towards happiness and suffering, as fate. They have only consciously developed a want chasing an unknown reason, to create their circle of misery with “MONEY AND KNOWLEDGE AS A CURRENCY”. I am wondering how openly these friends are contradicting their Gods. Has their God made knowledge and money, just out of the blue or is it a human development towards greed for supremacy, it is shocking. Also interacting with friends from the spiritual world, who are following and have surrendered to different religions or enlightened masters, I could relate from their response that many are still quite engrossed in faith. A faith towards a spiritual God and an external soul residing in every living form, both imaginary in a spirit/energy form derived from a religious conditioning. Also from faith to believe a feeling of an illusionary spiritual energy from an abstract thought. Nobody has been genetically born with religion or spirituality, but the conditioning of faith has been forced and hypnotically manipulated on every human from birth to follow God. A conditioning of belief and trust, to have faith in God and soul has been forced by intellectual religious and spiritual reformers as spirituality, towards a way to surrender to an external source of God. This conditioning has become most human’s feared spiritual religious conditioning. (An intellectual is an individual who has collected knowledge from his predecessor and only expressing and reciting without his own experience). From the conditioning of faith, these reformers are consciously making themselves and every spiritual friend to neglect and avoid living in the present moment. The pathetic part is that these spiritual friends, spiritual and religious reformers are even contradicting surrender to their God, which is only partial at choice limited to a feared requirement. The partial surrendering can be noticed from their living behavior, in which they are living in extreme dreaded fear. Their fear shows a mistrust towards their God, by not accepting him unconditionally to hand over their fear to god, to enjoy whatever has is or going to happen to them. Actually, the mistrust is there as God and Soul is only an imagination and not seen, which has developed a conscious confusion. So consciously these friends in confusion have only created a feared required spiritual want, where they feel that they have understood spirituality and are on the path of it. This confusion has only developed more fear for them, where they have only accumulated conditionally their religious books as knowledge only to a feared requirement. Even I also realized, most spiritual friends who have jumped from some religion to follow an enlightened master, are conscious to confusingly collaborate their engraved feared religious conditioning to their master's experiences. Where they have developed a feared faith towards him also and by practice, again conditionally only accumulating his experiences as a spiritual knowledge. This feared accumulated spiritual knowledge of both these set of friends has made them only an intellectual, which they are using and reciting at their required choice. This knowledge of spirituality has developed a want to reach God, which they are chasing to create their circle of misery with “SPIRITUALITY AS A CURRENCY”. Nowadays there is a strong following to spiritual techniques and therapies, and some participating spiritual friends might also be experiencing a relief of their emotional sufferings from these techniques and therapies, what they understand as spiritual meditation or yoga. The relief from these techniques and therapies is temporary, which they know and can feel as their emotional sufferings are always rebounding. This temporary relief which these friends, (I would call them regular offenders) don’t want to let go, has only made them addicted to these techniques and therapies, where this addiction has developed a greater want and generated more fear towards their sufferings, what they understand will be gone from these techniques and therapies, which has developed their chase to be free much stronger. From this addiction, they have created their circle of more misery with “TECHNIQUES AND THERAPIES AS A CURRENCY” in their chase.  What I mean as currency is only a mode or exposure of different wants. All these friends are chasing and living with their self-infected miseries in different circles and missing the chance to enjoy a beautiful silent life. The misery of all these set of friends can be noticed, the way they are living their life in utmost fear, from their chases in different circles. Seeing the chase of all these friends, I realized that they have still not understood that their genetic nature of fear has multiplied from religion and spirituality, in which they have developed faith and with that they do not realize that they themselves are the creators of their miseries from their different types of chases. This realization is not coming in their strong feared dependency towards a deceiving world of spirituality from faith to trust and from a trust to believe a human God. Where they have been taught as destiny to trust God and leave it to him to take care of all their doings. This is the reason why the accessibility to realize that they themselves are the creator of all their doing is not coming. Friends do understand everything that is being done bad or good is a wrongdoing, as everything that is being done is only from a feared condition. Also, the most dreaded part of spirituality, with a validation from religion an ego has been developed by humans, of being superior and different to all other living forms and to everything around them in this universe. This ego is the only and only problem of the human race, which has given them the attitude to authorize themselves to understand, that they have been given special powers by their God and are the only special and elite race in this universe. This superiority stemming from ego is making them a slave to spirituality. Where this superiority is making them unconscious towards themselves by relating everything to an outside source and not allowing them to witness from their watching the mind, to accept that they themselves are the creator of all their feared thoughts of emotional feelings and imaginations, for them to let go these thoughts to be present in the moment. Reading my opinion for many, some might consider that I am negatively judging. Yes, I am judging, and my judgment is from my compassion; in India we call it Karuna, but not at all a feared compassion. If all the beautiful enlightened masters had not been compassionate, then none of them would have shared their experiences. They would have silently spent their lives in some corner of this world. They judged the miseries around them and expressed a way for everybody to move beyond their miseries of fear.


Friends if some of you are already following an enlightened master, you don’t need me. My whole reasoning to share my realization is only to make you aware, to hear these beautiful masters in a way that goes beyond your feared spiritual religious conditioning. Where you can give yourself a different perspective to their beautiful sharing, as I have realized many friends are wasting these master’s experiences. And if you still would like to communicate with me about my experiences, I am always available to share the way I understand my freedom. We can even have a conversation about every enlightened master of the past, as we all have become one and have the same realization beyond fear.

What is freedom - Nirmal
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