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Anything that is done in awareness is a meditation if you become watchful to witness that doing, where that doing becomes irrelevant. The word Meditation comes from the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy where it is named Dhyan. The third imaginary eye what was defined in these philosophies is only about the awareness of the mind/soul to be centered, to watch. The soul in accordance with a spiritual teaching in a spirit/energy form is understood, as the source of all the thought emotional creation. The philosophy meant meditation in the sense to be aware to watch the soul, but practically it is to watch the mind. Meditation in English is defined as medicine for the mind. Dhyan or meditation means, in awareness you watch (meditate) all thoughts to become a witness to them, to let go these thoughts. I understand, everybody is genetically aware and that is the reason why he or she thoughtfully feels emotion. But the biggest misery of many is not able to be watchful to witness thoughts and to witness; the mind needs to be centered. Thoughts without witnessing cannot be let gone and without let going, the mind to be in a permanent silence is impossible. Many enlightened masters have developed techniques. They are only scientific techniques a physical exercise in a form of active and passive meditation to help individuals, physically through the body to connect, experience, and condition the mind from their awareness to develop, the art of watching. Most friends make these techniques a new circle of misery in their chase to freedom, as a spiritual connection to soul and God. Where they assume that by doing meditation some kind of energy is generated, and that energy connects them to God or Soul.

Meditation or Dhyan :

Your process, for freedom beyond fear

The process for freedom can be defined and experienced in only these five words if understood in the right way, Awareness, Watching, Witnessing, Realization, and Surrendering, and are all interrelated with each other.

Everybody is aware, in the spiritual and academic science it is understood as consciousness. We are aware that is why we are in a living form and able to experience and feel emotional thoughts. All thoughts generate from an open eye accumulated and stored as memories, to reflect as a dream, imagination, or illusion both with a closed and an open eye. The only creative awareness that needs to be initiated is by developing a conditioning, to an art with an open eye to be constantly centered to become watchful to each thought. This developed art is understood as super consciousness, where with an open eye one can center to become watchful to witness its mind to let go each thought at that very moment.

Awareness or Consciousness:

The moment the mind stops believing and trusting anything it becomes practical and realistic to start questioning itself “WHY & WHY”. The mind from its own life experiences raises a question to its emotional miseries. The answer is known as it is the creator, but the ego to accept it as the creator makes the mind confused. This confusion does not allow the mind to realize and accept its own answer. By questioning oneself fearlessly without a belief and trust, one becomes practical and realistic to develop a rebellion towards its fear, which allows him or her to be honest and that is witnessing. Miseries are created from different kinds of emotional fear via thoughts, but one is not ready to question oneself that it is the creator of its own misery. This happens, as he or she is always in a habit, from one’s ego of blaming something external and others to all its emotions. The blaming happens from an ego of non-acceptance that they can be wrong or even accept, to let go that others can be wrong from their feared nature and conditioning. Witnessing means in one’s awareness it is a witness from watching, the core of each created emotional thought. Witnessing brings oneself to a conclusion; it is the creator of all its emotions and not somebody or something else. Witnessing make him or her honest to oneself, where honesty gives a positive outlook on one’s life, to allow him or her to let go their negativity, emotions. I have developed a specific technique to witness and come to a conclusion that we are the creator of our miseries.

Witnessing or Shakshi:

Religious and spiritual friends feel that they have surrendered to their religion or enlightened master, but that surrendering is partial, limited and only related to a feared calculated requirement. Surrendering has to be total, where the mind accepts everything that comes its way good or bad. As everything is just happening, will happen and nothing is happening for a reason, so one lets everything happen on its own and stops participating in anything. Realization of being the creator is only a way or path and surrendering to everything is the ultimate leap to freedom, where death is also an ecstasy. Notice the tamed animals, how easily they surrender to a human cruelty against their freedom, where the surrender of even the so-called ferocious animal is so graceful towards let going their freedom. Here a human cruelty to their freedom changes to their surrender. I have introduced a very beautiful technique for surrendering in the retreat.


Realization is the only and only way to freedom beyond fear, to be in silence permanently. What is realization? When an individual mind accepts and understands that he or she is the creator of their miseries, a realization arrives that they are the creator. Only from a practical and realistic understanding, one can condition the mind to negotiate, from their awareness to watch and be a witness, the core of every emotional thought of fear. Where one comes to realize, to conclude how and where the mind generates, each and every emotional thought in fear. Realization automatically stops the fight with fear, to let go each individual thought of fear, for the mind to surrender.


Enlightenment has not been understood, as it has been connected to the illusionary spiritual world and this connection has eluded him and her enlightenment. Enlightenment is only a state of mind and very simple. Enlightenment is the moment of that millisecond the mind realizes it is the creator of everything from its fear. Where from realization the mind automatically develops an acceptance of its fear, and in this acceptance the ability to witnessing happens to surrender to the same fear. The mind surrenders to everything, to whatever is happening to let everything happen on its own, to take the leap to go beyond fear. This sparkle of awakening, at the moment, is an illumination to a new realization, is enlightenment. Enlightenment is a new birth and a state of mind, where there is a permanent freedom in silence and nothingness.


Active meditation is a tantra and the central focus of active meditation is the mind, where the body is external and mind is internal. It is a union, where the mind connects physically through the body to make a union with each other. The purpose of active meditation is to cultivate discernment awareness and to self-regulate watching. Active meditation is only a physical technique/tool, nothing spiritual. Due to its intense physical involvement, it gives the mind an instant connect to watch. The instant connect happens, due to a sudden diversion of a busy mind to the tiredness that develops a silence, which becomes very appealing. It happens as the mind unconsciously has self-regulated and diverted itself into watching the tiredness. This silence is temporary, as the art of watching consciously and permanently has still not been conditioned. But individuals participating in this technique enjoy the silence that has given an instant temporary relief, to their busy mind. This instant relief has created a tremendous liking for active meditation techniques. Due to its instant connect many enlightened masters introduced Active meditation techniques in different forms and ways, to help individuals physically through the body to connect, self-regulate, and condition the mind to develop the art of watching. Friends even when somebody works out in the gym or does any physical activity like dancing, running, etc., the mind develops the same silence. But here they relate it to tiredness and not silence, as they have not prepared the mind to relate these physical activities as spiritual meditation. Technically how it works I have described it in the defining techniques section.


Present and past generation have always been leading a very active life with the subsequent progress of science. The way science is progressing presently, the generation of feared thoughts has become humongous and with this, the mind has become super active. I don’t need to say it you all have your very own experience as you are aware, of your wants and chase for things that have increased, and increasing every second. With my experience, if you are not able to watch one needs to start with active mediation in any form and slowly move to passive meditation. Shakti meditation has been developed very scientifically for the mind to connect physically through the body to experience and condition it towards watching, taking into consideration human physical and psychological stability.

Active Meditation:

Passive meditation is also a tantra and is a meeting point or a union, of a mental and subtle physical aspect in a simple and humble way towards a connection to the mind, nothing spiritual. Many enlightened masters have developed passive meditation in many forms, like prayers, mantras, music, singing, painting, vipassana, and many other ways. Friends will get into an argument with me, as they understand prayers in different ways, from different religions are a thanksgiving to God. No, they are wrong, as religious and intellectual-spiritual reformers have fooled many from their feared knowledge. Enlightened masters gave the technique of praying as a tool to get engrossed, to get physically connected to the mind in a subtle way to self-regulate watching. It is the same aspect with mantras, singing, music, painting etc. Passive meditation techniques also help, but for that first, you need to get to the state of mind, where witnessing from watching becomes more easy and constant.

Passive Meditation:

Yoga is also a tantra, a physical activity and a form of active meditation. It is neither a philosophy nor spirituality where it makes a fight towards watching. The fight derives a temporary silence, which has made yoga very appealing to create a tremendous liking for it. The meaning of yoga in English is “Union”. The union means connecting the mind physically through the body and making a union with each other. The beginning of Yoga came into existence in an asana form and was developed as a physical stress reliever by the Indus civilization in northern India around 5000 years back for laborers of those days. Patanjali the great master was the first to introduce yoga as a technique in a systematic active meditation form. He gave it a form for the mind to physically connect through the body, to self-regulate watching. After Patanjali, a lot of yoga masters made it a practice as a meditation and also designed yoga in different posters systematically to rejuvenate and develop flexibility for a healthy body. Yoga was also the medium, which developed martial art therapies for the Asian region. In the west, yoga got introduced in the late 18th century. Now a day’s many friends enjoy yoga, which has become a craze due to a health-conscious environment. Friends, while doing yoga become a little aware to combine it also as a technique towards watching. But please also be aware, as many intellectuals have given yoga, one more definition, as spirituality and again influencing friends into imaginations and illusions. I am not a yogi but very well understand the psychology of yoga. If friends are interested I can combine yoga as an active meditation, adding a few of my techniques that can help you to develop an opening to watch, realize, witness and surrender for your freedom beyond fear, to be in silence permanently. I have combined yoga, with my other techniques in a form of a retreat and have taken help from professional yoga masters, for yoga techniques. Yoga retreat programmer details you can check in the yoga section.

Your Freedon Beyond Fear - Nirmal
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